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Applying for Net Energy Metering

Find all the documents needed to complete and submit an interconnection request for the NEM program. However, most contractors will facilitate this process for you. Once your application is complete and has been reviewed, you’ll receive Permission to Operate (PTO) from us, which means you can turn on your generating system. We encourage you to download the Application Checklist to keep organized and on track as you go through the process.

To get started with your application process, go to the NEM Online Application System.

To get access to the previous NEM 1.0 application process, go to NEM 1.0 Online Application System.

All Forms & Documents

Required Application Forms

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Generating Facility Interconnection Application (GFIA) (Form 14-957)

Single Line Diagram

Allocation Request Forms


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Net Energy Metering Aggregation Account Information Form (Form 14-937)

Virtual Net Energy Metering for Multi-Tenant and Multi-Meter Properties Allocation Request Form (Form 14-910)
Required for NEM-V

Multifamily Affordable Solar Housing Virtual Net Metering Allocation Request Form (Form 14-654)
Required for MASH-VNM

Supplemental Forms


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NEM Application Checklist and Site Exclusivity Form

NEM/VNM Re-Inspection Report (Form 14-903)
Required for 30+ kW upon change in service if the last inspection was 3+ years ago

Customer-Generator Warranty(Form 14-912)

Required for hydroelectric; municipal solid waste conversion; and fuel cells applying for standard NEM

Load Justification Form

Customer System Size Acknowledgement

Residential System Size Comparison to Annual Usage

Advance NEM Meter Pre-Programming Template  

CPIS - Customer Project Information Sheet

Customer Information or Act on a Customer's Behalf Form

FERC Form No. 556 for NEM 2.0

Renewable Energy Credit Compensation Form (Form 14-935, Schedules NEM, MASH-VNM, NEM-V and Renewable Energy Credits Compensation)

Net Energy Metering One Time Relevant Period Change Request Form (Form 14-936)

NEM Billing Option Change Request Form (Form 16-345)


Rate Schedules

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NEM-ST Rate Schedule

FC-NEM Rate Schedule

NEM-V-ST Rate Schedule

MASH-VNM-ST Rate Schedule

Rule 21

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