Third-Party Demand Response Services

Learn More About Third-Party Demand Response Services

Whom is This Information For?

This information is intended (1) for entities who wish to take part in Third-Party Demand Response Service (Third-Party DR Service) within the Southern California Edison (SCE) service territory, and (2) for SCE bundled customers who wish to participate in Third-Party DR Service within the SCE service territory through a Non-Utility DRP other than SCE.

What is Third-Party DR Service?

Third-Party DR Service is offered by SCE in connection with markets run by the California Independent System Operator (CAISO), and allows Non-Utility DRPs or SCE bundled retail customers to participate or “bid-in” directly into the CAISO wholesale energy market for compensation by the CAISO in accordance with the market awards and dispatch instructions established by the CAISO.

Third-Party DR Service is subject to the terms and conditions, including dual participation rules, under SCE’s California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) approved Rule 24.

Getting Started

Requirements and Instructions

Non-Utility DRPs enrolling bundled service customers must satisfy a complete fulfilment of SCE, CPUC, and CAISO regulatory requirements before the Non-Utility DRP can provide Third-Party DR Services in SCE’s service territory.

General Instructions for registering as a Non-Utility DRP

Access Customer Data

Online Authorization Process

The Online authorization process is a Customer Information Service Request (CISR) that is in place to fulfill customer-authorized disclosures of data to Non-Utility DRPs. It provides the necessary customer information to Non-Utility DRPs in order to facilitate customer participation in CAISO’s markets.

  • Get secure, automated access to interval usage data* with customer consent.
  • Click Here to start the process by registering to use the Online Authorization Process

Note: After you register as a DRP, you can then create a partnership with another registered DRP. This allows our customers to share data to both parties with only one authorization.

Please contact your SCE advisor on how a DRP can revoke access to customer data.

For more information regarding the Online Authorization process, please contact

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