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Rule 24 Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs for Rule 24

Important to Know

Rule 24 allows an SCE Bundled Service customer to enroll with a Non-Utility Demand Response Provider (DRP) rather than participate in Demand Response (DR) exclusively through an SCE-managed DR program. An SCE Bundled Service customer enrolled with a Non-Utility DRP will receive load reduction dispatch instructions and compensation only from the Non-Utility DRP, who participates directly in the California Independent System Operator (CAISO) market.


Rule 24 was established for the purpose of providing administrative and technical mechanisms to allow Non-Utility DRPs to bid load reduction resources directly into the CAISO wholesale market. Per Rule 24, in addition to participating in demand response exclusively through an SCE-managed DR program, SCE Bundled Service customers now have the option of direct participation.  More specifically, direct participation in DR allows an SCE Bundled Service retail customer, on its own or through a Non-Utility DRP, to participate in the CAISO electrical wholesale market and receive compensation for curtailments using a scheduling coordinator. Rule 24 also defines the rules for SCE and Non-Utility DRPs to be able to bid Bundled Service customers into the wholesale market.

Customer Information

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