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Power Outage Information


Learn why power outages occur and how we work with you to minimize impacts.

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Welcome to the Outage Center

We are committed to keeping you informed. If your power is out or you are looking for outage resources, you’re in the right place.
To view an expanded map or search for current outages, select below.

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To report downed wires, call 911.

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View your Maintenance outages

Did you receive a notice from us about an outage? You can check its status using the Outage Number on your notification.

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Did your AC stop working?

Your air conditioning may be off because you’re enrolled in the Summer Discount Plan. Access your settings to opt out or change your preferences.

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Prepare for Wildfire Season

California’s wildfire season is now year-round and many are calling it the “new normal.” It’s a statewide issue that will require statewide solutions and the development of a new regulatory and legislative framework, and utilities, including Southern California Edison (SCE), are at the table as part of that ongoing solution.

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Cool Centers

Need a break from the heat? Get relief at your local Cool Center.

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Rotating Outages

These rare, controlled electric outages are enacted only when a statewide Stage 3 Emergency is declared.

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Outage Resources

Contact Us

To report an outage, call 1-800-611-1911.

To operate a generator during a Maintenance Outage, call 1-888-759-6056, then press 2.

For Rotating Outage Group information, call 1-800-611-1911.

For Maintenance Outage updates, call 1-888-759-6056, then press 1.

Outage Glossary

  • Repair Outage
    An outage caused by unexpected circumstances, such as traffic accidents or severe weather. We work to repair these outages quickly.
  • Maintenance Outage
    A scheduled outage that occurs when we turn the power off for routine equipment upgrades. We notify you in advance if you will be affected by a Maintenance Outage.
  • Major Outage
    A large, unexpected outage caused by accidents or natural disasters such as wildfires. We strive to keep affected customers and the media well informed during these events while we work to promptly restore power.
  • Rotating Outage
    An extremely rare, controlled power outage that we enact as a last resort when there is a statewide emergency. Sometimes called a “Rolling Blackout.”
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