Business Energy Guide: Government

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City of Rancho Mirage Saves 308,500 kilowatt-hours in Electricity over a Four Year Period

Nestled in Southern California’s Coachella Valley desert floor, the City of Rancho Mirage faces dual energy-saving challenges: the city’s approximately 18,000 permanent residents have high air conditioning electricity demand when summer temperatures easily top 100ºF; and then the 60,000 to 70,000 “snowbirds” who call the city their home for the winter significantly increase energy demand during the winter months. But the 25-square-mile city is not letting these challenges stop it from taking aggressive steps to save energy and lower its electric bills. With Time-Of-Use rates and Critical Peak Pricing (CPP) events in effect, it’s worth taking advantage of similar energy-saving strategies. Read more.

Finance Your Energy-Efficient Projects

Several government facilities have already taken advantage of energy-efficient equipment. To help your facilities receive these same cost-efficient benefits, we offer low-interest financing for qualified energy-efficient projects.

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Energy-Efficient Solutions and Tips for Government

Here are just a few of the energy programs and suggestions that our customers have employed to increase their cost efficiency. You’ll also find more business solutions in our Government Fact Sheet and a complete list of all our qualifying energy-efficiency incentives and demand response programs by requesting our Solutions Directory.

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Lighting and Lighting Controls

Help improve your energy efficiency by better managing your lighting costs.

  • Use LED bulbs and LED exit signs
  • Install dimmable ballasts to lower energy use in fluorescent lamps
  • Install inexpensive occupancy sensors
  • Install sensory controllers on vending machines

Your facilities may already qualify for incentives that could put these energy-saving improvements into effect.


Maximize your energy-saving by effectively managing your air-conditioning systems.

  • Install programmable thermostats
  • Install window film and blinds to keep the heat out
  • Switch to LED bulbs and decrease the amount of building heat and A/C energy use
  • Sign up for HVAC Maintenance

There are many more energy-efficient solutions.

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Energy-Efficient Equipment

Purchase office equipment that more effectively manages your energy use.

  • Upgrade to high-efficiency office equipment, including laptops, which use less than a third of the energy of a desktop
  • Install load-sensing or occupancy-sensing plug strips to make it easier for your staff to power down
  • Install water-conserving toilets and faucets in bathrooms
  • Replace older, less water-efficient equipment
  • Install new, water-efficient commercial equipment to minimize water demand
  • Change process water system to reuse processed wastewater

Your facilities can benefit from even more energy-efficient equipment options.

Demand Response Programs (DR)

With these programs, receive bill credits for temporarily reducing energy use upon request during periods of high-energy demand. Choose the ones that best fit your operational needs.

Automated Demand Response (Auto-DR)

Receive energy savings by using smart technology that effortlessly and temporarily reduces the amount of energy your business uses (known as “load reduction”) during a DR event. With Auto-DR, load reduction is automatic and reliable, so it’s easier to participate in DR programs to capitalize on program earnings and help lower your energy costs.

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No-Cost, Do-It-Yourself Tips

Here are some immediate ways to significantly reduce your business energy use.

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