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Cycle Your A/C Off, Earn Summer Bill Credits

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Summer Discount Plan Gives Your Energy Bill a Break

Cycle your A/C when temperatures rise. You could earn up to $195* in bill credits per unit.

How To Participate

Take advantage of this great opportunity to earn credits on your energy bills. Enroll your business in Summer Discount Plan (SDP).

How It Works

Once you enroll, we’ll install a small, remote-controlled device on or near the central air conditioning (A/C) unit(s) of your choosing, absolutely free of charge. If we call an energy event in response to emergencies, high wholesale energy prices, or as part of testing, we’ll turn off (or cycle) your selected A/C’s compressor(s). These events may be called year-round. Your participation will earn you bill credits and help reduce the chance of power outages in your community. Your fan will continue to run and circulate air, so your customers and employees may not even notice a shift in temperature. But you’ll definitely notice the difference on your bill.

2017 Summer Discount Plan Brochure
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You Control the Settings and the Reward

With a variety of plans and options, SDP is completely customizable. You choose which unit(s) you want to enroll. Of course, the more units you enroll, the more bill credits you’ll earn.

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We’ve compiled the most common questions on the Summer Discount Plan to keep you informed.

*The estimated savings assume a typical 5-ton central air conditioning unit, enrolled in the program from June 1 to October 1. Maximum credit amounts are subject to certain minimum usage requirements and vary by central air conditioner tonnage. Credits are based on enrollment in program from June 1 to October 1. Enrollment after June 1 will result in prorated savings beginning from the next scheduled meter read date after your application is processed and your device is installed and activated.

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