Critical Facilities and Critical Infrastructure

City Skyline of Critical Facilities and Infrastructure

Critical Facilities and Critical Infrastructure

As the severity and frequency of wildfires in California continue to increase, the state’s utilities, including Southern California Edison, have implemented Public Safety Power Shutoffs (PSPS) to reduce the risk of electrical infrastructure igniting a significant wildfire. PSPS is a tool of last resort.

PSPS is authorized and regulated by the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC). To reduce the community and safety impacts of PSPS, the CPUC has identified critical facilities and critical infrastructure as entities "that are essential to the public safety and that require additional assistance and advance planning to ensure resiliency during de-energization events."

Whenever possible, entities designated as critical facilities and critical infrastructure receive priority notice of PSPS events and may benefit from access to SCE’s secure Public Safety Partner Portal, which includes updated PSPS event information. We will work with critical facilities and critical infrastructure entities to help assess their resiliency and access to backup power.

Entities that fall within the industry sectors listed below are considered “critical facilities and infrastructure,” as defined by the CPUC.

Industry Sectors

Updating Contact Information and Resiliency Planning

Log in to the Preference Center in MyAccount to update your outage contact information to ensure you are notified of any potential PSPS events and can properly prepare your business. At a minimum please provide SCE with two different people to contact at your business, a primary contact as well as an additional person that can serve as a secondary point of contact. Please include multiple contact methods (email, phone, text, etc.).

In order to ensure the continuity of your operations during emergencies and other outages, please consider adding back-up generation capacity to your plan.

We encourage you to review and update your business resiliency plan and ask you to share information about your planning in preparation for PSPS or other emergencies, as well as your backup power needs with us.

Back Up Generation Assessment

As you prepare for a PSPS event, you may request a back-up generation assessment. Completing the assessment will provide SCE with needed information to work with your business on power needs in the event of an emergency.

Please fill out the request form at the link below and an SCE employee or Account Manager will contact you.

Availability of Mobile Backup Power

SCE maintains a total of 20 mobile generators for use by critical facilities and infrastructure during PSPS events, as needed. Due to the limited availability of mobile generators, SCE will consider critical facilities and infrastructure customers' requests for mobile backup power on a case-by-case basis and may not be able to accommodate all requests. In some cases, SCE may be able to connect customers with other resources, including support from the Counties.

Contact Us

To add your business to our designated roster of critical facilities and critical infrastructure, or if you have other questions, please contact your account manager, or send an inquiry to:

Maria Rios
Senior Advisor, Business Customer Division