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Rain and Mudslide - Related Outages

Current Status

  • This is the first significant winter rain and windstorm in southern California for 2018.
  • Areas of California’s North Coast are impacted by flooding, mudslides, and debris flows, including extensive damage in the Montecito area.
  • Since the beginning of the storm, roughly 9,000 customers in the area (Montecito and some surrounding communities) were affected and crews worked to isolate damaged lines (energizing where possible), and continue making repairs as safe access is granted.
  • As of Friday, 8:30 a.m., there are roughly 5,300 customers without service in the entirety of SCE’s service area (that includes outages of all types, including maintenance outages, and the 1,500 customers impacted in Montecito).
  • To assist in operations and to ensure the safety of personnel working in the Montecito area, SCE may de-energize electrical lines at the request of first responders. Customers in the area may experience intermittent power outages as a result.

Montecito Station

  • We are still restricted in its access to parts of Montecito to perform damage assessments due to significant mud flow and debris.
  • We are complying with the county’s directive that access be limited only to essential first responders, our crews are working to restore power and make needed repairs in areas where they have been granted access. Additional SCE crews remain on standby to make repairs once assessment is done.
  • approximately 1,500 SCE customers in Montecito are without power, and should be prepared for extended outages.
  • On Wednesday, we conducted some preliminary aerial assessments. Detailed assessments of local customer circuits remain to be done due conditions and debris in the area.
  • Preliminary assessments indicate significant damage to poles, transformers and wires. Additional equipment, including underground and overhead, remains to be inspected pending safe access to the area.
  • At this time, we cannot estimate restoration time for the Montecito Substation until access to the impacted area is granted for damage assessment teams.
  • ​Power restoration for customers in the area will depend on safe access to affected areas, the conditions of the impacted areas (stability of the soils), and the ability for crews to be able to work safely.
  • Due to conditions in the area, we urge customers to exercise caution if they see damaged electrical equipment or downed wires.
  • Damaged equipment or downed lines should always be treated as though they are live- whether or not they show signs of sparking – to ensure safety, customers should always stay away from those lines and call 911 if there is an electrical emergency.
  • We will provide updates as conditions change and progress is made on restoring power to the area.

Storm Safety Tips:

We remind our customers that outages may occur and to never approach or touch downed power lines.

  • If you see a downed power line or dangling wire — even if it appears not to be live — don’t touch or approach it or anything that is in contact with it and call 911 immediately. 
  • Customers may report outages at 1-800- 611-1911, online or through the SCE Outages app. 
  • We are determining whether planned outages will need to be canceled and will notify customers accordingly.
  • SCE will provide the latest information about outages at its website and on Facebook and Twitter
  • Your safety is a top priority for us. Here are important tips to keep in mind:
    • Watch for traffic signals that may be out. Approach those intersections as four-way stops.
    • Make sure you have a battery-operated radio and flashlights. Check the batteries to make sure they are fresh. Use flashlights for lighting during a power outage; do not use candles because they may pose a significant fire hazard.
    • Do not use any equipment inside that is designed for outdoor heating or cooking. Such equipment can emit carbon monoxide and other toxic gases.
    • If you use a generator, place it outdoors and plug individual appliances directly into it, using a heavy-duty extension cord. Connecting generators directly to household circuits creates “backfeed,” which is dangerous to repair crews.
    • Leave the doors of your refrigerator and freezer closed to keep food as fresh as possible. Place blocks of ice inside to help keep food cold. Check food carefully for signs of spoilage. 
    • Check on your neighbors to make sure everyone is safe.
  • Video and fact sheet about power-line safety is available at: www.SCE.com/staysafe





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