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Benchmark Your Building’s Energy Use

What is Energy Benchmarking?

Energy Benchmarking is a valuable tool to assess your building’s energy performance and reduce energy consumption and carbon footprint. It uses ‘bench marks’ to measure performance, much as miles per gallon assesses a car’s performance. It provides an “apple to apple” comparison of your building’s energy performance to other buildings.

5 Easy Steps to Understanding Your Buildings Energy Performance


Step One

The first step in assessing your building’s energy use is creating an ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager account.

Step Two

Add your facility, identify your building space(s), and identify meters (i.e., using Service Account Number).

Step Three

Select SCE as your Energy Service Provider and select your gas provider (if applicable).

Step Four

Input utility specific required data at the Automated Benchmarking Service console. Submit request for energy consumption data to SCE.

Step Five

Log into ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager the next business day for meter data and initial benchmarking results.



ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager

This free interactive energy management tool is a valuable addition to your business. It helps you determine your building’s total energy benchmarking score, and lets you track your energy consumption in a secure online environment. With Portfolio Manager, you’ll be able to compare your energy use with similar buildings at a national level, and set goals, targets and timelines to become more energy efficient. Portfolio Manager will also help you receive EPA recognition if your building is a top performer.

Automated Benchmarking Service

This free service from SCE is available on the ENERGY STAR® website and allows you to seamlessly upload business energy data into your ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager account. The first step is to enter your account data. Once SCE’s automated benchmarking system has reviewed and approved your request, SCE will provide you with the energy usage data necessary for generating an ENERGY STAR® score and other building metrics. You will also receive automatic energy usage updates each month.


Basic Information You Will Need

Customer Account Number

The Customer Account Number can be found in the upper right corner of your SCE bill. It is 13 characters long, and looks like this:


Enter it exactly as shown on the bill, with the dashes. If you receive more than one bill, each should have its own Customer Account Number. Be sure to use the applicable Customer Account Number.

Authentication Key

The Authentication Key is the last 4 digits of either your Tax ID or Social Security Number, whichever you used when opening your SCE account. SCE usage data is not available without a valid Authentication Key.

Service Account Number(s)

The Service Account Number can be found in the upper-right corner of the bill, immediately below the Customer Account Number. It is also 13 characters long, and looks like this:


Enter the Service Account Number exactly as shown on the bill, with the dashes.

Most buildings with more than one electric meter have multiple Service Account Numbers. Be sure you enter all Service Account Numbers.

Customer Email Address

SCE may need to send an email containing additional information regarding the authorization process and the transfer of energy usage data in greater detail than that provided via Portfolio Manager. Please enter the email address of the person to whom additional information should be sent.

Important Notice

Any data that was entered manually for a given meter into Portfolio Manager will be deleted when you authorize SCE to provide usage data via Automated Benchmarking for that meter. SCE’s automated benchmarking system will provide the past 12 months of meter read dates, kWh usage and cost. Thereafter, each month's data will be automatically added by SCE.

Protect your confidential energy information. You can authorize SCE to share your data with third parties but it is your responsibility to understand the access you are providing.

What You Need To Know

Portfolio Manager requires a Meter Name, you can use whatever name will help you best recognize the meter. There are no specific rules, but we do recommend that you use the Service Account Number.

If you are  benchmarking buildings on behalf of a customer, you should use your company’s own Customer Account Number and Authentication Key – but with the Service Account Number(s) associated with the building. You will also need to submit a completed authorization form, called a CISR form, before data can be sent. For help on filling out and submitting the authorization form, please refer to the instructions.

If you are benchmarking a building on behalf of a customer and your company does not have a SCE Customer Account Number, you can obtain a Customer Account Number by contacting SCE’s Commercial and Industrial division. You will need to provide your company’s Tax ID and other general information about your company. You will also need to submit a completed authorization form.

Support for the Portfolio Manager is provided by the Environmental Protection Agency. If you have any questions about the tool, contact the EPA directly at ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager or call the hotline at 1.888-STAR-YES (1.888-782-7937).

If you have any questions about Automated Benchmarking Service, feel free to email our technical support staff call us at 1.855-SCE-INFO (1.855-723-4636) for more information.  

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