Wildfire Assistance
If you are impacted by a recent wildfire and in need of assistance, please visit our Disaster Support page. For timely and accurate wildfire status updates and safety resources, please visit the Assistance Center page.
PSPS Update
Customers in SCE service area may be affected by Public Safety Power shutoffs. More information is available at sce.com/psps.

Stay Alert. Stay Safe

At Home

Safety is important, and reviewing electrical safety tips with friends, neighbors, and loved ones can help them stay safe. You can help friends, neighbors and loved ones stay safe by reviewing electrical safety tips with them.

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Metallic balloons that come in contact with power lines can cause power outages. Keep them far away and never release them outdoors. If you see a metallic balloon near a power line or stuck in a tree; please report it to SCE by calling: 1-800-611-1911.

New Law Aims to Deflate Metallic Balloon Outages, Hazards >


Stormy weather can cause power lines to fall. This can create hazards – electrifying puddles, wet grass, and the surrounding area. Don’t touch anyone or anything in contact with a downed power line. Always assume downed power lines are energized and dangerous. Stay away and call 911.

Always be aware when you’re around overhead power lines. Stay at least 10 feet away from both overhead power lines and electrical facilities, and never approach or touch overhead power lines or any person or object in contact with the lines.

If you think your tree is a safety hazard to SCE infrastructure; specifically power lines, please call SCE at 1-800-655-4555 to schedule a tree inspection.

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On the Job

If you make a living working near electrical infrastructure, here are helpful safety tips and free safety materials for you.

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Before You Dig, Call 811

Whether you’re a professional or decide to do it yourself, if you’re planting new trees and shrubs or installing a new fence, give us a call before you dig. When you do, your underground utility lines will be marked for everyone’s safety. This service is free and it’s actually required by law.

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