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Plan Ahead & Stay Safe

Safety always comes first during an outage, and here you'll find how to plan and prepare, and what you can do during an outage to keep your home and family comfortable and secure. From food safety to surge protectors, get the knowledge and supplies you need to be ready.

Are You Ready? Prepare & Plan

Don’t wait for an unexpected outage to figure out what you need. Buying a few basic supplies beforehand, making preparations for special needs in your household, and keeping a few things handy are all part of making an outage plan for your home and family.

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Safety Check: Protective Measures

Some simple but important safety measures will help keep your family members, home, and even pets protected during an outage. Keeping food cold, having a plan for medical emergencies, and even knowing what to unplug and reset are all part of putting safety first.

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Get Heat Relief: Cool Centers & Cooling Stations

If you suffer from acute sensitivity to extreme temperatures, or just need somewhere to escape the heat, there are places you can go in your community to stay cool and comfortable when temperatures are high, or if the power is out.

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