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Outage Alerts & Preferences

When there's an outage, we know how important it is for you to have the most up-to-date information as possible. Now, you can choose how we keep you informed - email, text, or voice message. Learn more about Outage Alerts and managing your notification settings in the FAQs below.

Outage Alerts & Managing Preferences

What are Outage Alerts?

Outage Alerts are a new free service to inform you about power outages affecting you. You can sign up to receive voice, email or text messages by logging in and visiting the Outage Alert Preferences page.

How do I sign up for Outage Alerts?

You can sign up to receive Outage Alerts via voice, email or text message by going to the Outage Alert Preferences page in your sce.com profile. You’ll need a sce.com User ID to sign up – if you don't have one, you can register here.

What type of information will I receive in an Outage Alert?

These alerts will include status updates for both unplanned repair and planned maintenance outages.

  • For maintenance outages, you’ll receive information on when the outage will take place, advance reminders, and status updates on any scheduling changes.
  • When a repair outage occurs, you’ll receive updates with information like when the outage started, what caused the outage, and when the power will be restored.

How often will I receive Outage Alerts?

This depends on the outage situation. For maintenance outages, we’ll notify in advance and provide updates before the outage or on the same day. For repair outages, we’ll send you critical updates as they're available.

How do I update my alert preferences?

You can update your Outage Alert preferences by logging in and going to the Outage Alert Preferences page.

How do I unsubscribe from Outage Alerts?

You can unsubscribe by logging in and going to the Outage Alert Preferences page, or you can unsubscribe by doing the following:

  • For email alerts, click the “Unsubscribe” link in the email footer.
  • For text alerts, reply “STOP”
  • When you receive a voice message, you’ll be instructed to “Press 1 to unenroll”

Why am I receiving Outage Alerts?

You may be listed as the primary contact on your account to receive Outage Alerts. If you'd like to change your alert settings, log in and visit the Outage Alert Preference page.

Can I receive Outage Alerts via email, voice and text?

You have the option to sign up for one type of alert, or all. The choice is yours.

Why am I receiving multiple Outage Alerts?

You could have multiple accounts tied to your name that are experiencing an outage. For text and voice, we send one outage alert per account that is experiencing an outage. For example, let’s say you’re signed up for voice alerts and you have three accounts in your name. If all three accounts experience an outage, you’ll receive a phone call for each account for a total of three separate alerts. If you’re signed up for email alerts, you’ll receive one email alert with all three accounts listed.

For multiple accounts, we suggest enrolling in email alerts. With email alerts, we bundle up all of your outage information into one email message.

The power went out. Why didn’t I receive an Outage Alert?

If the power is out in your home or business, it doesn’t always mean that it's due to our electrical system. The issue could be related to something else, which is why we verify all outages before we send outage alerts. You can help us identify power outages faster by reporting your power issue in the Outage Center.

I unsubscribed from Outage Alerts, but why am I still receiving them?

Please allow us up to 5 business days for your unsubscribe request to be processed. If it's been more than 5 business days since you unsubscribed and you're still receiving Outage Alerts, please call us at 1-800-655-4555.

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