Rates Are Set By California Regulators

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We work together with the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) to set rates in a process that's open to the public.

Where Your Money Goes

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  • 46₵ Generation Costs of energy sources, including solar, wind and natural gas, and generation SCE owns including hydro and natural gas plants.
  • 37₵ Distribution Grid maintenance and new equipment, including poles and wires, and substations.
  • 8₵ Transmission Investment in operations & maintenance for high-voltage transmission lines.
  • 5₵ Wildfire Insulated wire, vegetation clearing, enhanced inspections, weather stations, HD cameras, insurance.
  • 4₵ Public Purpose Programs Mandated state programs, including incentives for energy efficiency and protection for low-income customers.

This breakdown shows SCE’s costs to serve customers and implement state policies. It is based on calculations from June 2021.

State Regulators, Utilities & the Public Working Together

Rates are set through a transparent process of proceedings with the California Public Utilities Commission, the body that regulates SCE and other investor-owned electric utilities in the state. It includes public input and participation, and all investor-owned utilities use this same process.


Helping You Save Energy

Looking for ways to reduce your monthly bill? We offer many programstoolsincentives and rebates designed to help you reduce your energy usage and control your energy costs at home and at work.

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Balancing Public Policy With Affordability

To keep rates affordable and fair, we constantly balance the need to modernize our infrastructure to support reliability with the need to meet state policy requirements regarding such issues as renewable energy. We do that by working with local, state, and federal officials on an ongoing basis, and by keeping you informed throughout.

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