Virtual Net Metering (VNM)

Virtual Net Metering (VNM)

Virtual Net Metering (VNM) allows energy produced by a renewable generating facility to be credited to individual tenants and/or common area utility accounts.

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We offer two VNM options: Schedule NEM-V-ST (Virtual Net Energy Metering for Multi-Tenant and Multi-Meter Properties), and Schedule MASH-VNM-ST (Multifamily Affordable Solar Housing Virtual Net Metering). Schedule NEM-V-ST is available to an owner or operator of a multi-tenant, multi-meter property where the owner or operator elects to allocate a percentage of the total metered output of a renewable generating facility to service accounts, which are referred to as “Benefitting Accounts.” Schedule MASH-VNM-ST is available to owners or operators of multifamily affordable housing properties where tenants are individually metered by us. Solar energy produced by the solar generating facility is credited to common area and/or tenant service accounts, as designated by the owner or operator, that are located at the same income-qualified residential complex as the solar generating facility.

Net Generation Output Meter (NGOM) Installation Process

A NGOM is required for both Virtual Net Metering interconnection options. The one-time, upfront cost of the NGOM varies depending on the specific configuration of the Interconnection Request (IR).

The following is required in order to schedule the installation:  

  • Paid NGOM Invoice - The NGOM invoice will be emailed by the assigned SCE Local Planner after an Engineer has reviewed the IR. 
  • Customer must submit a new service request application for the NGOM address using one of the following options:     
              o Contact SCE Commercial Department at (800) 990-7788, or
              o Email with the completed NGOM Service Request Form                            (Multiple Turn On/Off Requests)
  • Meter release for the new electrical service panel - Planner must receive the release directly from the Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ)

Once all requirements are met, a Meter Technician will schedule the installation within 10-15 business days. Upon completion, Permission to Operate (PTO) will be issued

Additional Billing Fees

Schedule NEM-V-ST requires a $25 one-time set up charge per newly established Benefitting Account, with a $500 cap per arrangement. There is no charge for up to one change per Benefitting Account per 12-month period. A $7.50 charge per account change applies to subsequent changes within that same 12-month period.

The following administrative charges will also apply for disconnect/reconnect. We will inform the owner at the site assessment about what reasonable disconnect/reconnect procedure charges they may expect at the time of interconnection. Cost for disconnect/reconnect will vary depending on the number of hours required to complete this work based on factors including but not limited to: grounding or splicing requirements, effect of disconnect on multiple customers, SCE’s need to stand by during customer performed work or if the disconnect/reconnect occurs outside normal business hours. A site assessment charge could range from $0-$5,000.

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Visit the Center for Sustainable Energy's Solar Energy Center to learn how virtual net metering can be utilized with multifamily buildings.