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Reliable, Affordable Power for you


Focus on Affordability

Our infrastructure projects are designed to deliver the greatest good for the most people across the region. We use existing utility corridors when possible, to reduce environmental impacts, and select power line methods that are in line with the most affordable industry standards for cost-effective construction and maintenance.

Goodbye, Blackouts

Electricity grids are being upgraded with smart technology nationwide and around the world. Accurate, real-time information – and incentives to conserve power when demand is highest – mean that everyone can play a role in preventing blackouts. 

Preparing the Grid & Promoting Conservation

Now that the San Onofre nuclear plant is being permanently retired, we’re working to ensure that there’s enough power for the hottest days of summer. That means accelerating transmission upgrades and sourcing new generation to increase reliability and improve power reserves in the Los Angeles basin. But that’s not all. We’re also reaching out and encouraging everyone to conserve electricity.

Our energy efficiency programs >

In Orange County, we're testing a mix of solar, wind, energy storage, and demand-response >

Energy Efficiency & Demand Response

We are committed to delivering power reliably every day of the year, even during unusual events like heat waves.  Your participation in our demand-response and energy-efficiency programs help keep the power on for everyone, while offering you additional opportunities to save.

Our demand-response programs >

Our energy efficiency programs >

Can Power Demand Be Met Without New Gas-Fired Plants?

In the past, when demand for electricity increased, utility companies, including us, built new carbon-emitting power plants. Now, with our Preferred Resources pilot, we are testing the use of preferred resources to potentially reduce or eliminate the need for new gas-fired plants in the area.

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