Changes to SCE Rates

Effective March 1, 2019 the rate components listed below changed as follows.

  • Distribution
  • PPPC – for all rates
  • NSGC – for all rates
  • CIA – for applicable Residential rates
  • SCE Gen
  • SDP & SDP-O credit - for applicable Residential rates
  • GS-APS-E credit - for applicable Residential rates
  • TOU-BIP – for all applicable rates
  • TOU-AP-I – for all applicable rates
  • Dual Participation CAP – for all applicable rates
  • CARE Surcharge – for all rates
  • CARE Discount % - for all TOU CARE rates

The actual impact of these rate factor changes on the customers’ bill will vary based on energy usage.

California Alternate Rates for Energy (CARE)

*The CARE Surcharge rate is shown in dollars/kWh. All non-CARE, non-Street Lighting customers pay this same amount on an equal dollars/kWh basis.