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Regulatory Information - SCE Load Profiles

Methodology of Creating the Static Load Profiles

To develop the static load profiles in compliance with D.97-10-086, we used the existing final sales level load profiles for 1993-1995 for each rate group. The final sales level profiles are developed in the process of creating the Annual Rate Group Load Studies.

The profiles were created for 14 rate groups: the same groups used in rate design in the 1995 GRC. The only difference is that we provided separate profiles for two subgroups of the Domestic rate group: single/multiple and master metered accounts. Refer to Annual Rate Group Load Studies for a detailed description of the methodology used to create the annual profiles and a list of the rate groups.

To create the static load profiles for 1998, we created average profiles for each day of the week for every month of the year for 1993-1995. In addition to these 84 profiles per year (12months x 7 days), we also created a separate profile for every holiday (eight per year). Then we took the average of each of these 92 profiles over the three years. Each day in 1998 was assigned an average profile based on the month and day of the week. For example, the Wednesday, April 1, 1998 profile is the average of the profiles for all Wednesdays in April of 1993, 1994, and 1995.