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Facility Name FERC Project Number License Expiration Date Exhibit M Generator Capacity (MW)
Big Creek No. 4 2017 November 30, 2039 100.00
Vermilion Valley* 2086 August 31, 2003 0.00
Portal* 2174 March 31, 2005 10.80
Mammoth Pool* 2085 November 30, 2007 190.00
Big Creek Nos. 1&2* 2175 February 28, 2009 154.85
Big Creek Nos. 2A, 8 and Eastwood Power Station* 67 February 28, 2009 384.80
Big Creek No. 3* 120 February 28, 2009 174.45

Note: The Big Creek No. 4 Project received a FERC License on December 4, 2003. The Big Creek ALP Projects, Portal Project, and Vermillion Valley Project, are operating under annual licenses(*).

Regulatory Process and Stakeholder Engagement

Southern California Edison (SCE) has been engaged for over two decades in the regulatory process to renew its seven Big Creek System Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) project licenses. This has entailed a significant effort to assess each project's potential impact on the environment, its benefits, and consult with a broad spectrum of stakeholders to identify measures to mitigate these impacts and enhance benefits. SCE has worked collaboratively with stakeholders to produce a "package" of agreements that balance resource protection while maintaining reliable hydropower to its customers.

Since the issuance of the Big Creek No. 4 Hydroelectric Project license in December 2003, SCE has implemented various resource management plans, and most recently finalized the Long-Term Operating Rules (LTOR) for river flows in the Horseshoe Bend Reach of the San Joaquin River.

The remaining six Big Creek Projects are still pending issuance of their new FERC licenses, and are currently operating under annual renewals. As part of the FERC relicensing proceedings, stakeholders actively participated in the negotiation and development of potential mitigation measures, culminating with stakeholders signing the Settlement Agreement (or “Agreement”) in February 2007. This Agreement serves as the basis for regulatory assessment and decision-making and has the support of SCE, FERC, key Agencies, and a broad cross-section of public stakeholders. A link to the Settlement Agreement is provided below (Settlement Agreement).

State Water Board: 401 Water Quality Certification and California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA)

On June 17, 2019, SCE filed a Petition for Declaratory Order (“Petition”) with FERC to declare that the California State Water Board has waived authority under Section 401 of the Clean Water Act (“CWA”) for lack of issuance of the water quality certification (“WQC”) within the statutorily prescribed one-year time period for the six Big Creek Projects.

FERC granted SCE’s petition to waive the California State Water Control Board’s water quality certification authority with respect to the relicensing of the six Big Creek Projects on February 20, 2020.

SCE Petition for Declaratory Order - June 17, 2019

FERC’s Declaratory Order on Waiver of WQC – February 20, 2020

The Final CEQA Supplement for the 6 Big Creek Projects was issued on May 13, 2019. For additional documents related to the CEQA Supplement and the Water Quality Certification, refer to the California State Water Board website, accessed here.

FERC Licenses and Implementation

Big Creek 4 (FERC Project 2017)

Relicensing Documents

FERC Final Environmental Impact Statement

Applications for New Licenses

FERC Project Nos. 2175, 67, 120, and 2085

Applications for New License and Settlement Agreement for the Big Creek Alternative Licensing Process - Cover Letter

Big Creek Nos. 1 and 2 (FERC Project No. 2175)

Volume 1 - Initial Statement, Exhibits A, B, C, D, H

Big Creek Nos. 2A, 8, and Eastwood (FERC Project No. 67)

Volume 1 - Initial Statement, Exhibits A, B, C, D, H

Big Creek No. 3 (FERC Project No. 120)

Volume 1 - Initial Statement, Exhibits A, B, C, D, H

Mammoth Pool (FERC Project No. 2085)

Volume 1 - Initial Statement, Exhibits A, B, C, D, H

Amended PDEA (Preliminary Draft Environmental Assessment)

APDEA – Section 1- 13 – click here for detailed contents of this environmental document

Settlement Agreement

Settlement Agreement

Settlement Agreement Appendices A–R

  • Appendix A: Big Creek Hydroelectric Projects Settlement Agreement Proposed New License Conditions
  • Appendix B: Non-FERC Settlement Agreement
  • Appendix C: List of Authorized Representatives of the Parties
  • Appendix D: Mono Creek Channel Riparian Maintenance Flow Plan
  • Appendix E: Camp 61 Creek Channel Riparian Maintenance Flow Plan
  • Appendix F: Channel and Riparian Maintenance (CRM) Flows for the South Fork San Joaquin River below Florence Reservoir
  • Appendix G: Small Diversions Decommissioning Plan
  • Appendix H: Temperature Monitoring and Management Plan
  • Appendix I: Fish Monitoring Plan
  • Appendix J: Sediment Management Prescriptions
  • Appendix K: Riparian Monitoring Plan
  • Appendix L: Flow Monitoring and Reservoir Water Level Measurement Plan
  • Appendix M: Visual Resources Plan
  • Appendix N: Transportation System Management Plan
  • Appendix O: Recreation Management Plan
  • Appendix P: Bald Eagle Management Plan
  • Appendix Q: Valley Elderberry Longhorn Beetle Management Plan
  • Appendix R: Vegetation and Integrated Pest Management Plan

Portal (FERC Project No. 2174)

Vermilion Valley (FERC Project No. 2086)

Expose as Block