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Transmission Provider Shared Facilities

Southern California Edison's Transmission Function Employees and Marketing Function Employees have one common, shared facility.

SCE's Marketing Function Employees are located in a dedicated quad (Quad 1D) on the first floor of SCE's General Office 1 building (G.O. 1) with a locked, keycard restricted door. A small number of Transmission Function Employees have office locations in the G.O. 1 building. These offices are located on the 4th floor (Quad 4D) in an area that is restricted to Marketing Function Employees.

SCE's main office headquarters are located in Rosemead, California and consists of General Office 1, General Office 2 (G.O. 2), General Office 3 (G.O. 3) and General Office 4 (G.O. 4). SCE's G.O. 1 is located at 2244 Walnut Grove Avenue, Rosemead, California 91770 and physically connected with SCE's G.O. 4 located at 8631 Rush St., Rosemead, California. 91770. General Offices 2 and 3 are located across the street at 2131 Walnut Grove Av, Rosemead, California, 91770.

The G.O. 1 and G.O. 4 buildings have common areas that all employees can access. Access for Marketing Function Employees is prohibited in Quad 4C in G.O. 1 and at all other SCE facilities where Transmission Function Employees are located, except for G.O. 3. Access to the G.O. 3 building, which also contains offices for some SCE IT employees, is limited. Marketing Function Employees are restricted from access to G.O. 3 by a security checkpoint and are allowed access only if they are escorted by an authorized employee.

March 19, 2009