Hydro Relicensing

Borel Project Surrender (FERC P-382)

Southern California Edison is beginning the license surrender process for the Borel Hydroelectric Project. Please use this page to find out how to get involved and stay up to date.

Stay Informed

SCE has launched a project specific website for the Borel Hydroelectric Project. Visit our new project site here

The page includes detailed project and public involvement information. There is also an easy way to join the mailing list and ensure you are up to date on all project happenings and participate in the license surrender proceeding.

To join the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s (FERC) online notification system about the Borel Project, register here. Follow the online instructions and subscribe to docket number P-382.

Project Description & Materials

Reference Documents & Information

FERC License Surrender Process

Contact Us

Name Company Project Role Address Email Phone
Wayne Allen SCE Principal Manager 1515 Walnut Grove Ave. Rosemead, CA 91770 wayne.allen@sce.com 626-302-9741
Martin Ostendorf SCE Senior Manager PO Box 100 54170 Mtn Spruce Road, P.O. Box 100 Big Creek, CA 93605 martin.ostendorf@sce.com 559-893-2033
Mary M. "Meg" Richardson SCE Licensing Manager/Project Lead 1515 Walnut Grove Ave. Rosemead, CA 91770 mary.m.richardson@sce.com 626-238-2902
Dan Keverline SCE Senior Manager-Operations and Maintenance Kern 3 Hydro Powerhouse Kernville, CA 93238 keverlds@sce.com 760-376-3813