Net Energy Metering

We are currently experiencing bill set-up delays for NEM customers who have recently received Permission to Operate. For impacted customers, please scroll down to the “NEM Billing” section of this page.

Interested in Solar or other Clean Energy?

We have a special billing program for you if you have, or are considering solar and other clean energy generation at your home or business: the Net Energy Metering (NEM 2.0) program. Simply put, the energy you produce, minus the energy you consume equals net energy. We’ll deduct the energy you export to the grid at times when generation exceeds on-site demand from your bill, and you may even earn surplus credits for the energy you produce. But remember, even with solar, you have to be connected to the grid for the times the sun isn’t shining.

For California clean energy stats, view the statewide data by utility.

Net Energy Metering (NEM) Program Requirements

  • Application fees (one time):
    • $94 for projects < 1 MW
    • $800 for projects > 1 MW
  • NEM customers are required to take service on a Time-of-Use rate. Please see the Mandatory Time-of-Use (TOU) Rate Requirement for Residential Customers expansion below for more information.
  • Generating system must be sized to the customer’s onsite usage.
  • Grandfathering for the current NEM tariff (NEM 2.0) is extended to customers for 20 years. In the event of a new NEM tariff, NEM 2.0 customers are grandfathered to their tariff for 20 years from their PTO date. The 20-year NEM tariff grandfathering does not include grandfathering for your Time-of-Use rate.
  • To participate in NEM 2.0, customers must have a compatible meter. SMART meters are compatible. For opt-out customers, other options may be available by region.
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Option E Tariff

Click here for information on Option E tariff eligibility requirements and available capacity limit.

NEM Billing

Accounts with Permission to Operate are typically set-up for NEM billing within a few billing cycles and credit(s) for surplus energy supplied to the electric grid will appear on your first NEM bill. If you have experienced any delays that extend past these normal processing times, please contact SCE Customer Service at 866-701-7868 for NEM residential customers or 866-701-7869 for NEM business customers. To learn more about NEM Billing please refer to our NEM FAQ  and visit on

Support for Net Energy Metering (NEM) Customers

If you are a Residential NEM customer that has been impacted by a major disaster, for which a state of emergency has been declared, and you decide to rebuild your NEM system, it may be possible for you to remain on your original NEM tariff and have application fees waived if you meet these requirements:

  • You notify us of your intent to rebuild within 2 years from the date the major disaster occurred; AND
  • You complete your NEM system rebuild and submit a new NEM application within 4 years from the date the major disaster occurred.

To notify us of your intent to rebuild your NEM system, please complete this Disaster Support Form.

If you have additional questions, please contact us at:

Discontinued TOU Rate Plans

Eligible non-residential accounts could remain on discontinued TOU rate plans for a limited time. Learn more about discontinued TOU rate plans.