Non-Interference Letter Requests


We require that you send us a Cover Letter stating that you are requesting a Non-Interference Letter with your email address, mailing address, and contact information along with the following supporting information:

  1. Property Street Address and Assessor Parcel Number(s)
  2. One copy of the project map (Tentative Tract Map, Parcel Map, etc.)
  3. Specifically, provide the city/county info and if required, the name and address of the City/County representative that may need a copy.  
  4. Please only send Adobe PDF files (no other types of attachments).

Please email to:

Southern California Edison Co.

The Subdivision Map Act (CA Gov Code 66436) provides 30 days for utilities to review and respond once we have received the complete package.

Thank you,

Jeff Clark

(909) 274-1078