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Customer Enrollment and Operations Customer Enrollment and Operations Customer Enrollment and Operations


Once the establishment package is completed and accepted by Southern California Edison (SCE), the Community Choice Aggregator (CCA) is ready to begin executing the activities required prior to mass enrollment of customers, which includes the completion of Electronic Data Interface (EDI) testing, eligible customer validations, customer notifications, and customer enrollment. In addition to enrollment activities, this section provides detailed information to understand daily CCA operations.


Active CCAs in SCE’s Territory

If you have received pre- or post-enrollment opt-out notices and have questions regarding the opt-out process or want to submit an opt-out request, you must contact your CCA directly. Opt-out requests can only be processed by your CCA. SCE cannot accept or process opt-out requests sent by a CCA customer.

Apple Valley Choice Energy Contact Information


Lancaster Choice Energy Contact Information


Clean Power Alliance Contact Information


Pico Rivera Innovation Municipal Energy


San Jacinto Power Information


Rancho Mirage Energy Authority Information


SCE will designate an implementation project manager who will work with each CCA to plan and execute the required activities within the agreed timeline. Some of the activities include:

Joint Activities (SCE / CCA):

  • CCA and SCE work together to complete EDI & compliance testing.
  • CCA and SCE work together to develop a Joint Rate Comparison (JRC) and fulfill all relevant requirements.
  • SCE and/or CCA provide customer communication for accounts on impacted rate/program.
  • SCE and CCA complete resource adequacy load forecast and fulfill filing requirements.
  • SCE and CCA manage and process customer pre-enrollment opt-out requests.


SCE Activities:

  • SCE verifies that CCA implementation requirements have been met.
  • SCE identifies and validates the eligible customers within a CCA’s service territory.


CCA Activities:

  • CCA establishes a customer service center.
  • CCA initiates pre- and post-automatic-enrollment customer opt-out notifications.

For additional information regarding the mass enrollment process, please refer to section J in Rule 23.

The CCA will be notified by SCE’s Electronic Communications Coordinator (ECC) once it has successfully passed the required interface testing for exchanging CCASR, Billing, and Payment Data. During this step, the CCA must confirm it is able to connect to SCE’s Meter Data Management Agency (MDMA) server using the MDMA User ID and Password provided by SCE.

Prior to initiating customer communication, the CCA should activate its customer service center and be prepared to respond to customer calls and questions regarding its program. The CCA should provide SCE with the telephone number and e-mail address for its customer service center.

The CCA must notify all eligible customers of their right to opt out of a CCA program and provide the terms and conditions for the CCA program at least twice within two calendar months, or during a 60-day period, in advance of the date of commencing automatic enrollment.


Follow-up Notification

The Follow-Up Notification Period is a sixty (60) day period of time commencing immediately following the date a customer is automatically enrolled. Customers must receive two notifications during this 60-day period. These notifications must provide the terms and conditions of the CCA program and advise customers of their right to opt out.

See Rule 23, section B, #21 and Rule 23, section H, #1-3 which describes follow up (post-enrollment) customer notification requirements.

SCE and active CCAs provide Joint Rate Comparisons (JRCs) – a comparison of average rates, sample bills, and the power sources.

Click on the desired CCA below to view specific JRC data. Find your detailed JRC by selecting your specific electric rate and scrolling down to your rate plan.

Apple Valley Choice Energy / SCE Joint Rate Comparison

SCE and AVCE Joint Rate Map - February 2018
2018 Detailed Joint Rate Comparison – February 2018
SCE and AVCE 2017 Power Content Label

Lancaster Choice Energy / SCE Joint Rate Comparison

SCE and LCE Joint Rate Map
2018 Detailed Joint Rate Comparison
SCE and LCE 2017 Power Content Label

Pico Rivera Innovative Municipal Energy / SCE Joint Rate Comparison

SCE and PRIME 2017 Power Content Label
SCE and PRIME Joint Rate Map - 2018
2018 Detailed Joint Rate Comparison

Clean Power Alliance / SCE Joint Rate Comparison

SCE and CPA 2017 Power Content Label
SCE and CPA Joint Rate Comparison
SCE and CPA Rate Matrix

San Jacinto Power

SCE and SJP Joint Rate Comparison
SCE and SJP Rate Matrix
SCE and SJP 2017 Power Content Label

Rancho Mirage Energy Authority

2018 Detailed Joint Rate Comparison
SCE and RMEA Rate Matrix
SCE and RMEA 2017 Power Content Label



To enable the transfer of accounts to CCA Service within a specified timeframe, a Connect CCASR is submitted by SCE for every CCA-eligible Service Account during mass enrollment. Since the CCA is the default electricity provider, no action is taken by the customer to initiate the transfer. Customers who do not opt out will be automatically transferred to CCA Service on their next scheduled read date.

Mass enrollment begins approximately 30 to 45 days after the initial customer notification period.


Phase-In Implementation

A CCA has the option of phasing in the implementation of the CCA Program to ensure a smooth transition for customers.

Instead of transferring customers in one mass enrollment, a CCA may choose to phase in its service to its customers. The purpose of phase-in implementation is to enable the CCA to offer CCA Service to some customers before others and to manage the mass enrollment process effectively and efficiently.

To assist CCAs with their phase-in plans, SCE has developed two phase-in services:

  • Standard phase-in service
    This is available to CCAs desiring to phase in their CCA Service, which requires minimal system changes and therefore minimizes the CCA’s phase-in costs.
    If a CCA is intending to phase in its implementation, the customers in each phase will be “mass enrolled” into CCA Service on their scheduled meter read date during a one-month period. Examples of phase-in options include customer class, rate class, incorporated city, and county.

  • Customized phase-in service
    CCAs that desire to propose their own phase-in plan may do so via a specialized services agreement executed between the CCA and SCE.
    Regardless of the phase-in service a CCA chooses, customers will be enrolled in the implementation phase that they are assigned to.

Phase-in implementation is not mandatory. If a CCA decides to phase in its implementation, the details must be specified in the implementation plan.

A Community Choice Aggregation Service Request (CCASR) is an electronic request initiated by SCE or the CCA to establish, modify, or terminate CCA Service for the customer. There are four types of CCASRs.

  • Connect CCASR – Enroll, add, or transfer a customer to CCA Service.
  • Disconnect CCASR – Remove a customer from CCA Service.
  • Update CCASR – Update the customer’s service options.
  • Cancel CCASR – Cancel a pending CCASR.

During mass enrollment, Connect CCASRs are generated by Customer Choice Services to transfer a customer from his/her existing service to CCA Service.

After all the mass enrollment phases have been completed, Connect CCASRs are submitted by CCAs via Electronic Data Interchange (EDI).

Customer Notification of Opt-Out

One of the fundamental requirements of the CCA Program is that every customer eligible to receive CCA Service must also be given the opportunity to opt out of the CCA Program.

The purpose of the opt-out notification is to inform customers of the CCA Program and provide them with instructions on how to opt-out.

Each CCA is required to send four opt-out notifications to each CCA-eligible customer. The first two notifications are sent before mass enrollment. Following mass enrollment, two additional opt-out notifications are provided to CCA participants over two consecutive billing cycles.

The CCA has the option of sending the notifications or contracting with SCE to provide any or all of the opt-out notifications.

When a customer opts out of CCA Service, the customer has elected not to be served under CCA Service and to retain his/her existing or previous service with SCE.

CCA Customers can transition between SCE and CCA anytime as long as the customer is within the CCA territory; however, the timing of the transition may impact a customer’s service plan.

Customer would need to contact their CCA for opt-out processing.

A re-entry request is issued when a customer elects to return to SCE after the 60-day post-enrollment opt-out period. Customers:

  • Will be subject to the re-entry fee.
  • Are required to submit a “Six-Month Advance Notice to Return to Bundled Portfolio Service.”

Re-entry requests should be referred to the CCA.

According to Rule 23, new customers establishing service or relocating within the CCA service territory will be placed on CCA Service, provided that the customers meet the metering requirements and contact SCE prior to the requested effective date of the new electric service.

  • Customer is advised that his/her account is to be automatically enrolled in CCA Service.
  • Customer is advised that SCE will submit a CCASR to transfer the account to CCA Service.
  • If prompted, the customer is advised to contact the appropriate CCA for opt-out process requirements.

CCAs can discontinue serving a CCA account by submitting a Disconnect CCASR to SCE. Following this request, a notice will be sent to the CCA and the customer advising them that the customer will be returning to bundled service with SCE. If the CCA or customer owns the meter, and if the meter is not compatible with SCE’s meter reading systems, the customer will be charged the applicable meter replacement, re-programming, maintenance, or reading fees as listed in the Customer Choice - Discretionary Service Fees schedule.

Contact Customer Choice Services

We have designated personnel to help CCAs initiate and implement CCA Service, transmit and test data, and perform on-going account maintenance. To help us help you better, please review the contact information below prior to contacting us.

You can contact the CCA Support Center via voicemail, fax or e-mail 24 hours a day and receive a response within 24 hours if your request is made during normal business hours.

SCE - CCA Service Center is open:

Office hours: Monday – Friday, 7:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. (PST)
E-mail: CCASVCS@sce.com

Mailing Address:
Attention: CCA Service Center
Southern California Edison
Customer Choice Services
6020 N. Irwindale Ave., Suite I
Irwindale, CA 91702-3264




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