Wildfire Mitigation Plan & Related Documents

2023 - 2025 Wildfire Mitigation Plan & Related Documents

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Support Documents

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2023 - 2025 Wildfire Mitigation Plan Discovery/Data Requests

2022 Wildfire Mitigation Plan Update & Related Documents

14 CCR 1252-1255.pdf
14 CFR 133 -- rotorcraft external-load ops.pdf
14 CFR 61 - certification for pilots.pdf
14 CFR Part 107 -- Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems.pdf
14 CFR Part 91 -- General Operating and Flight Rules.pdf
2021 SCE Storm Plan.pdf
2022-02-08 EFD Finding Supporting Documentation.docx
38 CFR  17.701.pdf
Cal. Gov. Code 8593.3.pdf
Cal. Pub. Res. Code 4291-4299.pdf
Cal. Pub. Util. Code 8370-8372.pdf
Cal. Pub. Util. Code 8386.pdf
Cal. Pub. Util. Code 8389.pdf
D.17-12-024 - Decision adopting regulations to enhance fire safety in HFTD.pdf
D.19-05-038 - Decision of SCE 2019 WMP per SB 901.PDF
D.19-05-042 - Decision in R.18-12-005 - AFN population definition.PDF
D.20-03-004 - Decision in R.18-10-007 re-increase of prevalent languages.PDF
D.20-05-051 - identification of in-person notification for AFN population.PDF
D.20-08-046 - in Rulemaking 18-04-019 - Decision of Comm. Randolph.PDF
D.20-12-030 - Decision modifying HFTD boundaries in R.15-05-006.PDF
D.21-05-019 - in Rulemaking 15-06-009 re Phase II issues relating to emergency and disaster preparedness.PDF
D.21-06-034 - Adopting Phase 3 - R.18-12-005.PDF
D.21-08-036 - GRC 2021 TEST YEAR.PDF
D.21-10-020 - in Rulemaking 20-09-001 re post-disaster community engagement.PDF
Distribution Design Standards - DDS Q4 2021 Fault Indicators.pdf
Distribution Overhead Construction Standards (DOH).pdf
GO 128_Jan2006.pdf
GO 165_June2013.PDF
GO 166 (Jan. 2012).pdf
GO 167 (2005).pdf
GO 95_May2018.pdf
HFRA Hot Work Restriction and Mitigation Measures.pdf
Microgrids and Resiliency Strategies Order Instituting Rulemaking (OIR) (R19‐09‐009).PDF
NERC fac-003-4.pdf
Pages from Substation Operations and Maintenance Policy and Procedures (SOM) (002)_Redacted.pdf
PSPS Asset Risk Analysis.pptx
PSPS Tracker 2020 - Business Report 7-21-21.pptx
PSPS Tracker 2020 - Residential Report 072921 ZF.pptx
R.18-10-007 - OIR to implement utility wildfire mitigation plans per SB 901.PDF
R.18-12-005 - OIR to examine utility de-energization of powerlines in dangerous conditions.PDF
R.19-09-009 - OIR re Microgrids per SB 1339.PDF
R1812005-SCE 2022 Access and Functional Needs Plan.pdf
R1812005-SCE Corrective Action Plan.pdf
SB 1339 (2018).pdf
SB 167 (2019).pdf
SB 533 Electrical utility de-energization events and identification.pdf
SCE 2021 WMP Update Progress Report.pdf
SCE Distribution Vegetation Management Plan.pdf
SCE Fire Mitigation Options Study.pdf
SCE PSPS WG and AB Q1 2021 _05.26.2021.pdf
SCE PSPS WG and AB Q2 2021 Update 08.13.2021.pdf
SCE PSPS WG and AB Q3 2021_10.22.2021.pdf
SCE PSPS WG and AB Q4 2020 Report_030521.pdf
SCE Transmission Vegetation Management Plan.pdf
SCE Utility Vegetation Management (UVM) Core Plans Training
SJSU Wind Profiler Results - Review of Oct and Nov Deployments.pptx
Supporting Materials Reference Checklist.xlsx
Underground Structures Standards (UGS).pdf
Weather Station to Circuit Mapping_20201125.pdf
Weather Station to Circuit Mapping_complete_data.xlsx

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2021 Wildfire Mitigation Plan Update & Related Documents

Q4 2021 Quarterly Reports


Q3 2021 Quarterly Reports


Q2 2021 Quarterly Reports


2021 Wildfire Mitigation Plan Update Revision


Q1 2021 Quarterly Reports


2021 Wildfire Mitigation Plan Update


Q4 2020 Quarterly Data Report


Comments on 2021 WMP Process

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2017 RAMP Report for PGE_Nov2017.pdf

2019 Annual Report for Southern California Edison Company (U338-E) of Compliance with General Order 166.pdf

4397-E (Part 1 of 1).pdf


A.15-05-002 (SMAP Scoping Memo and Ruling)_May2015.PDF


CAL FIRE 2018 Strategic Plan_Aug2018.pdf

CPUC Guidance Decision 2019 WMP_May2019.PDF

CPUC Guidance Decision on 2019 WMP SB901 OIR_May2019.PDF

D. 14-02-015_Feb2014.PDF





D.20-12-030 - Decision approving SCE PFM of D.17-12-024.PDF



GO 128_Jan2006.pdf

GO 165_June2013.PDF

GO 166_May2014.pdf

GO 174_Oct2012.PDF

GO 95_May2018.pdf

ISO 9001-2015.pdf


NIFC - Federal Firefighting Costs - Suppression Only_March2020.pdf

PSPS Decision_May2019.PDF

PSPS Tracker - Final Report for Business Customers 3-16-20 .pdf

PSPS Tracker - Final Report for Residential Customers 2-24-20.pdf




R.19-09-009 (Shiroma Scoping Memo and Ruling for Track 1)_Dec2019.PDF



SB 167_Oct2019.pdf

SCE 2018 RAMP Report_Nov2018.pdf

SCE 2019 WMP_Feb2019.pdf

SCE AL 4030-E_Jul2019.pdf

SCE AL 4120-E _Dec2019.pdf

SCE AL 4153-E_Jan2020.pdf

SCE Compliance Filing - 2020 Survey Results 12-31-2020.PDF

SCE Comments on Draft 2021 Guidance on Engagement of Independent Evaluators.PDF

SCE GSRP_Sep2018.pdf

SCE PFM of Decision 17-12-024.PDF

The U.S. Department of Energy’s Microgrid Initiative_2012.pdf

UVM-02_TVMP v3.pdf

UVM-03_DVMP v2.pdf

WFLC_True Cost Of Wilfire_April2010.pdf

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2020 Wildfire Mitigation Plan & Related Documents

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2019 Wildfire Mitigation Plan Update & Related Documents