Mobilehome Park Tenant Bill Calculation

The Mobilehome Park Tenant Bill Calculation tool has been redesigned and is now a service SCE provides free of charge for its Schedule DMS-2 customers. Please read through the How-To Guides before accessing the tools.

The next anticipated rate change will be on 10/1/24. Please check back monthly to ensure you are utilizing the most recent version of the tool.

What You Need in Order to Use the Calculation Tool


This Calculation Tool has been recently redesigned. Please review the Job Aid.

The calculation tools must be downloaded to a computer. You will need Microsoft Excel (Excel 2013, 2015, or Excel Office 365) to utilize the tool. Please note the tool is incompatible with Microsoft Excel for MAC. You must utilize a windows computer to utilize this service. The content must be enabled to allow the tool to function.

After downloading the tool(s), double-click to open and then click on the "Enable Content" button found at the top of the Excel page under the toolbar. 

  • Due to continuous Microsoft security enhancements, your computer settings may need to be updated in order to continue utilizing the MHP tool. Please see attached for steps to disable the “Protected View” feature.

For more information, you may visit Microsoft | Support – What is Protected View? (


IMPORTANT: The calculation tools will not work on a mobile device.


Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) Customers


If you are a Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) customer (the Generation portion of your bill will display this information), you must download the CCA calculation tool to allow the Generation-related charges to be produced for billing your tenant(s).


If errors are received, please send details of the error and any steps taken to resolve them to or call 1-626-543-7403.

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