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Residential Rate Analysis Terms and Conditions

10/17/2017 (Version 0.1)

Residential Rate Change
Terms & Conditions

This rate analysis is based on currently applicable Southern California Edison (SCE) rates and is provided to illustrate potential bill impacts to help you evaluate your current rate and/or compare alternative SCE rate options. The results of this analysis are based on actual historical energy patterns and amounts. The rate analysis results cannot be guaranteed to reflect future potential costs that might be experienced under these rate plans. Actual bills will vary due to changes in usage patterns, weather variability, taxes, and/or pending and future rate changes. Changes to these numerous variables will affect actual costs. This rate analysis is intended to compare selected rate schedules and may not include all of your rate options. This analysis does not include Peak Time Rebate program credits, the California Climate Credit, Critical Peak Pricing program credits, or City Franchise surcharges. If you are enrolled in rate discount programs such as CARE, FERA, or the Summer Discount Plan (SDP), those discounts will be carried forward into your new TOU rate.