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Information About Your Rate Plan


Our older rate plans are being discontinued. Customers will be switched to their designated TOU rate plan beginning in late 2021. 

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Why am I being switched to another rate plan?

In 2018, SCE started offering rates with Time-of-Use (TOU) peak periods to better align with California’s adoption of cleaner resources and the cost to deliver power throughout the day. TOU peak periods are now later in the day when less renewable resources are available, but demand for energy is still high. As part of a statewide initiative to use more clean renewable power—like solar and wind—and simplify rates, customers will be switched to their lowest cost TOU rate plan based on their historical usage. This will begin in late 2021, although customers with an electric vehicle charging station with a dedicated meter can remain on their rate for now. Some solar customers will be allowed to remain on their discontinued rate until 2024, depending on the Permission to Operate (PTO) date or when they last took service on the rate. For more details on the timeframe when customers will be migrating, please see the FAQs below.

What to Expect

You will receive a letter approximately 60 days before your transition period with a personalized comparison between your discontinued rate plan and other available rate plan options. Some solar customers will also receive a notification on their bill 90 days before the transition period.

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You Have Choices

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Benefits of TOU

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Your service account will automatically be switched to your lowest cost TOU rate plan based on your historical usage. You may switch rate plans twice in the 12-month period following the transition.

If you elect a different rate before your transition, you will be locked in that rate for 12 months.

  • Rate changes made after the “reply by” date on your letter may not be processed.

To learn more about rates and view your latest cost comparison, or switch to another rate, you may be eligible to use our Rate Plan Comparison Tool. Please visit or call us at 1-866-678-7964 Monday - Friday, 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., and Saturday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Review your rate options available in the 60-day letter to determine what is the best rate
plan for you.

With our available TOU rate plans, you are in control! Take advantage of lower electricity prices in the morning, afternoon, and late at night.

The more you can shift your energy usage to 
when rates are lower, the more you'll save.

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Understanding Your Rate Plan Options

There are three different TOU Rate Plans, and you’ll be switched to the lowest cost TOU plan based on your historical usage. However, we understand that many people have had to make changes to their lifestyle recently, so you may want to compare our recommended rate plan with your other rate plan options. Note: Customers who migrate to these rate plan options will not receive bill protection.

TOU 4-9 P.M.

This rate plan benefits households who can reduce their energy usage between 4 p.m. to 9 p.m. For example, if you end the night early, take advantage of lower rates earlier in the day.

TOU 5-8 P.M.

This rate plan benefits households who can lower their energy usage between 5 p.m. and 8 p.m. For example, if you stay up late, try using major appliances like your dishwasher after 8 p.m.


TOU PRIME is for households with electric or plug-in hybrid vehicles, a residential battery, or an electric heat pump system for water or space heating. However, customers transitioning from discontinued rate plans will not be required to attest qualifying equipment when requesting a rate change to TOU PRIME.

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Other Rate Plan Option

Domestic Tiered
This rate plan is available for residential solar customers who are considered Net Energy Metering (NEM) 1.0 customers and residential customers not on Net Energy Metering (non-NEM). It is a more traditional billing plan where the best way to keep energy costs low is to limit your total energy consumption. Although customers are not being automatically transitioned to this rate, it may be a better option for some customers. NEM 2.0 customers are not eligible for the Domestic Tiered rate.

Compare your TOU rate plan options
The Rate Plan Comparison Tool (RPCT) can give you a personalized comparison between your current plan and other plan options. You may be eligible to use this tool to find out if you could save on other rate plans, get estimates based on your usage, and switch rate plans now.

Get Financial Help with Your Bill

If you are currently receiving assistance through our CARE or FERA programs, your discount will continue with a different TOU rate plan. If you aren’t enrolled in one of our programs yet, find out how we can help you with lowering your monthly bill.

Tips for Saving More with TOU

The key to saving with a TOU plan is to take advantage of the times when rates are lower. These tips can give you some ideas on how you can save and help the environment in the process.

Set your thermostat to a higher temperature in the evening
If you have a pool, set the pool pump in the morning or early afternoon for 4 to 6 hours
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Take a walk after dinner and wait to do laundry until later in the evening
Play a board game or read a book instead of watching TV during peak hours
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Discontinued Rate Plans

진화하는 에너지 수요와 보조를 맞추기 위해 당사는 때때로 요금 플랜을 변경해야 하는 경우가 있습니다. 이는 현재 고객님께 적용되는 요금 플랜은 고객 등록이 불가능함을 의미합니다. 고객님께서 기득권 인정 요금 플랜에 등록되어 있는 경우, 동 요금 플랜을 당분간 계속 유지하실 수 있습니다. 다른 요금 플랜으로 바꾸는 경우에는, 기득권 인정 요금 플랜에 다시 등록할 수 없습니다.

현 기득권 인정 요금 플랜


이 기득권 인정 요금 플랜은 중/저 에너지 사용자(월 700kWh 미만)에게 더 좋을 수 있습니다. 이 요금 플랜은 요금이 월별 기준 크레딧으로 상쇄되는 것이 특징입니다.


이 기득권 인정 요금 플랜은 고에너지 사용자(월 700kWh 이상)에게 더 좋을 수 있습니다. 이 요금은 피크 요금은 낮지만 TOU-D-A에 비해 일일 기본 요금이 더 높으며 기준 크레딧이 없는 것이 특징입니다.


이 기득권 인정 요금 플랜은 시간대 사용(Time-Of-Use)과 단계별(Tiered) 요금을 결합하여 책정한 것입니다. 기타 TOU 플랜과는 달리 TOU-D-T는 고객님의 기준 할당량에 따라 요금이 두 단계로 책정되는 특징을 갖고 있습니다.


이 기득권 인정 요금은 전용 계량기가 설치된 전기 자동차 충전소를 보유한 고객을 위한 요금입니다.

다른 요금 플랜으로 바꾸시겠습니까?

요금 플랜 비교 도구를 사용하면 다른 플랜이 고객님의 라이프 스타일에 더 잘 맞는지 확인할 수 있습니다.

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