If I have solar, how will I be billed?

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Solar Customers Are Billed Based on Our Net Energy Metering (NEM) Rate

As a solar customer, you’re on a Net Energy Metering (NEM) rate, which works differently than our other energy rates and also looks different. For a small business or residential customer, the biggest difference for your NEM bill is that your energy charges are due once every 12 months on your settlement month (shown on your billing statement) which is usually your Permission to Operate (PTO) date. You will continue to receive monthly statements for taxes and fees based on your usage which must be paid each month, but your energy charges will not be due until you receive your settlement statement. This balance, found on your settlement statement, will accrue each month based on how much electricity you use and how much your solar system produces. You will receive credit for any excess generation that your solar system sends back to the energy grid. For large business customers you are billed and due for your energy charges, taxes, and fees on a monthly basis.

Annual balances can vary from customer to customer, and some customers may owe nothing at the end of the 12-month period. You can pay your balance monthly to spread out anticipated charges into more manageable payments. SCE strongly recommends the monthly billing option for customers who anticipate that they may still rely on SCE’s grid to provide a substantial amount of their energy. Doing so, will help prevent a large bill at the end of the 12-month relevant period.

If you would like to view your historical usage by peak period, please use My Account to get access to this information. Please note that historical usage prior to April 2021, when we implemented our new billing system, is only available for the total month (i.e. usage will not be broken down by peak period).