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For your safety and system reliability, outages required to reduce wildfire risk or to address conditions that pose a risk to the public will continue.
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為了幫助應對 COVID-19 引起的財務困難,我們暫時停止對無法支付電費的用戶實施斷電。部分授權收費處可能已關閉或提供間歇服務。如果這影響您及時付款的能力,我們將免除逾期付款的費用。 如果您需要幫助,請造訪。  

Community Choice Aggregation Overview

Delayed Billing
Due to unintended billing delays, your current billing statement may show charges from multiple past billing cycles that were not included in your prior bills. Please refer to the FAQs for more information.

What is Community Choice Aggregation?

In 2002, Assembly Bill 117 was signed into law, allowing cities and counties to participate in Community Choice Aggregation (CCA). CCA is a program that allows cities, counties, and Joint Power Authorities (JPAs) to procure electricity for individual customers within a defined jurisdiction. Customers not wishing to participate may opt out. Under CCA, the utility is still responsible for the transmission and distribution of the electricity.

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