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Demand Response: Are You Eligible?

In order to participate in Demand Response programs, you must be a non-residential customer within SCE’s service territory with an Edison SmartConnect® or other qualifying interval data meter to monitor your energy use. Be sure to choose the plan or plans that are right for your business.  The list below includes general eligibility requirements.  For detailed eligibility requirements please refer to the program fact sheets or Tariff Sheets.  Or contact your SCE Account Representative or our Demand Response Help desk at 1-866-334-7827.

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Some of our programs allow concurrent enrollment with another Demand Response program.  For details, see our Dual Enrollment Options Chart.

Agricultural and Pumping Interruptible Program (AP-I)

If your business is billed under an Agricultural and Pumping rate schedule, uses a measured demand of at least 37 kilowatts or a connected load of at least 50 horsepower, you may be eligible for this program. Businesses with service under Option A of the TOU-PA tariff, or receiving off-peak credits through Schedule PA-1 are not eligible. (Other exclusions apply. See the program Tariff Sheet for details.)

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Automated Demand Response

Auto-DR participation is open to all business customers in SCE’s service territory. To participate in Auto-DR, you must:

  • Meet the minimum kW requirements of the eligible DR program(s) in which you are enrolled or will enroll in
  • Receive bundled or direct access electric service from SCE
  • Be billed on an SCE commercial, industrial or agricultural rate schedule
  • Have an installed interval (IDR) or Edison SmartConnect® meter
  • Remain enrolled in a qualifying DR program for 36 consecutive months (if you have you been paid a technology incentive)


Auto-DR Express

Auto-DR Customized

For more information, view our Program Guidelines.

Time-of-Use Base Interruptible Program (TOU-BIP)

To be eligible to participate, your business must have a registered demand reaching or exceeding 200 kilowatts. You’ll need to choose a Firm Service Level (FSL) that reflects the amount of electricity you need to operate during a demand response event, and a participation option, which is the amount of time (15 or 30 minutes) you need to respond to each event. You’ll also need to commit to reducing your demand by at least 15% (and no less than 100 kilowatts) during each event. If you are an Essential Use customer, then you must set your FSL at no less than 50% of your average maximum demand.

Summer Discount Plan

If you are a business of any size in SCE’s service territory, you are eligible for this program. You must have a working central air conditioning unit, receive adequate signal reception, take service under one of SCE’s qualifying Commercial & Industrial rates and not be enrolled in the Capacity Bidding Program (CBP) or the Time of Use Base Interruptible Program (TOU-BIP).  If you are a tenant, you are responsible for determining whether approval of your property owner/manager is required for the installation and operation of the cycling device prior to submitting your application. A minimum one-year commitment is required.

Real-Time Pricing (RTP)

If your business’ energy demand meets or exceeds 500 kilowatts per month, and has the flexibility to shift energy use when extreme temperatures drive up demand, the Real-Time Pricing rate may benefit you. You’ll need an interval meter—a meter that measures your electricity use in 15-minute increments—installed to participate.

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Pumping and Agricultural Real-Time Pricing (PA-RTP)

If you’re a pumping or agricultural business customer on a bundled service, you’re eligible for the Pumping and Agricultural Real-Time Pricing (PA-RTP) rate. At least 70% of your electricity consumption must be for general agricultural purposes or for general water/sewage pumping. (None of the remaining electrical usage can be for purposes that a domestic rate schedule would apply to.) In most cases, your maximum demand should not exceed 500 kilowatts per month (or has not done so for any three months during the previous year) in order to be eligible for this rate.

Scheduled Load Reduction Program

To qualify for Scheduled Load Reduction incentives, your business must have bundled service and an average monthly energy demand of 100 kilowatts per month. You also must commit to a load reduction of at least 15% based on your maximum demand over the previous 12 months, which also cannot have been less than 100 kilowatts. If you have service through an alternate provider (Direct Access) or are enrolled in a California Independent System Operator’s (CAISO) program, you are not eligible. Participation is limited and provided on a first-come, first-served basis.

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Critical Peak Pricing

If your business uses bundled service with energy demand of at least 200 kilowatts each month, you are directly enrolled in Critical Peak Pricing. For the first 12 months your business is enrolled in this rate, we provide bill protection—you won’t pay more than you would have paid on your previous rate. (Business customers with less than 200 kilowatts of monthly demand may enroll on an opt-in basis). Contact our Demand Response Help desk at 1-866-334-7827.

View our CPP fact sheets to learn more: customers with a monthly demand of 200kW or less or customers with a monthly demand of 200kW or more.

Capacity Bidding Program

If your business is enrolled in Bundled Service, Direct Access or Community Choice Aggregation, or is an aggregator of these customers, you are eligible to take advantage of the Capacity Bidding Program. You also must have Internet access and an SCE-approved communicating interval metering system that records your usage in 15-minute intervals.

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Optional Binding Mandatory Curtailment

If you can reduce load on your entire circuit by up to 15% (in increments of 5% during a rotating outage) you may be eligible for this rotating outage exemption program.

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