Auto-DR Express Control Incentives

Automated Demand Response with Express Control Incentives

Save Energy, Time, and Money with Automated Energy Load Reduction.


Automated Demand Response (Auto-DR) is an energy-saving technology that automatically reduces the amount of energy your business uses during a Demand Response (DR) event, optimizing your DR participation and potential incentives.

It’s Never Been Easier to Reduce Your Energy Bills with Auto-DR

Auto-Demand Response makes it easy to control how much energy you save through smart technologies like Energy Management Systems (EMS), lighting controls, thermostats, and more. These systems make the most of efficiency by connecting with lighting, air conditioning/heating units, and temperature controls.

Once in place, they can control all of those features using the preferences you’ve set up. When we start a Demand Response event, Auto-DR automatically launches your pre-programmed load reduction plan.

Since there’s no work on your part, you’ll be able to participate in DR events and maximize your savings! If you need to adjust your settings or override an event, you can do that, too. It’s all up to you.

Through Auto-DR, you can control systems like these:

  • Interior and exterior lighting
  • Thermostat temperature controls
  • Heating and air conditioning systems

Earn Back Up to 100% of Your Equipment Investment

Our technology incentives make Auto-DR Express even more appealing. They can reduce or completely cover both purchase and installation costs of qualifying equipment!1 Just get your systems installed and verified. Then, let the savings begin.

You’ll earn up to $300 per kW of pre-calculated DR load reduction. And you’ll keep earning up to 100% of your investment cost. That means what you save goes right to your bottom line.

“The primary driver behind our [Auto-DR] project was social responsibility. We want to do our part during those critical peak times. Reducing energy has saved a few kilowatt-hours and helped offset rolling blackouts. It’s the right thing to do.”

Bill McQueen,
National Facilities
Director at Nordstrom

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Does your business qualify?

Auto-DR Express is designed for offices, retail shops, and food stores. It’s a great solution for business owners and managers who want to put their energy savings on autopilot like:

  • Offices that use a maximum of 50-499 kW
  • Retail stores that use a maximum of 50-499 kW
  • Food stores that use a maximum of 100-250 kW

You’ll need to meet these requirements to participate in Auto-DR Express:

  • Be a current SCE business customer
  • Be enrolled in and meet the requirements of one or more Qualifying DR Programs:
    • Capacity Bidding Program (CBP)
    • Critical Peak Pricing (CPP)
    • Real-Time Pricing (RTP)
    • Demand Response Auction Mechanism (DRAM) Pilot
  • Have an installed interval or Edison SmartConnect® meter with interval data features enabled 

What are the requirements to earn incentives?

To be eligible for Auto-DR Express Control Incentives, your facility must:

  • Be a bundled service, Direct Access, Community Choice Aggregation, or Community Aggregation customer
  • Have purchased and installed new qualifying demand-response solutions
  • Enroll and stay enrolled in a Qualifying DR Program for a minimum of 36 consecutive months after receiving your control incentives
  • Be one of the following:
    • Small offices (under 100,000 sq. ft.) with 50-499 kW of maximum demand2
    • Small retail stores with 50-499 kW of maximum demand2
    • Food stores (including liquor stores) with 100-250 kW of maximum demand2
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Save around the clock.

Make the most of DR earnings with these Auto-DR solutions:

  • Turn off all non-essential lighting, signage, and decorative displays
  • Lower lighting levels or shut off selected lighting areas
  • Pre-cool work areas and control room temperature
  • Manage ventilation controls to reduce the need for cooling
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See how much you can save!

Our Auto-DR Express Solution Tools let you calculate your business’s Demand Response kW load reduction. Just visit to get started.


To learn more about Auto-DR Express Control Incentives and other SCE DR Programs, visit or call the Auto-DR helpline at 1-866-238-3605.