What is the Budget Billing Plan?

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The Budget Billing Plan Replaced the Level Pay Plan

The Budget Billing Plan offers eligible customers the opportunity to pay for their annual electricity service across 11 equal monthly payments. This plan does not reduce the amount of your bill — you’re still responsible for paying the full cost of the energy you use, but you can split the cost into equal payments throughout the year.

How does the Budget Billing Plan work? 

First, we take the sum for your previous 12 months of electricity usage. Then, we divide the total by 11 to calculate the monthly base payment amount for the next 11 months (the monthly base amount is subject to change). On the 12th month, you will receive a settlement bill showing either a payment due or a credit balance. If a payment is due, the total will be the difference between the actual billed amount for the year and the total Budget Billing Plan payments made throughout the year.  

Who is eligible for the Budget Billing Plan?

 You may qualify for the Budget Billing Plan if your account meets the following criteria:

  • The base amount must be $5 or greater.
  • Account must be active with at least one active or pending Contract(s) attached.
  • Account must be in an eligible rate category (see list below). 
  • Account cannot be on hold or reviewed by the Revenue Services Organization (RSO). 
  • Account cannot be under credit review (e.g., returned checks, multiple extensions, installment plan, and disconnects)
  • Account cannot be enrolled in both Budget Assistant and Budget Billing Plan. 
  • Account cannot be enrolled in Net Energy Metering (NEM). 
  • If the account is Joint Billed, all the Contracts under that Contract Account will need to be on the Budget Billing Plan. 

The following rate categories are eligible to participate in BBP:

  • DE / DE-SDP
  • D-FERA
  • DM
  • Domestic
  • MB-E (Medical Baseline Exemption)
  • TOU-D-4
  • TOU-D-5 
  • TOU-GS-1

In addition, CCA accounts may enroll in the Budget Billing Plan. NEM accounts are not eligible to enroll. 

How do I apply?

 You can enroll in the Budget Billing Plan by calling our IVR system at 1-800-434-2365, Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. 

To view frequently asked questions, check out our Budget Billing Plan Fact Sheet.

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