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逾125年來,我們協助在加州南部和中部建設更繁榮的社區。我們利用母公司Edison International的股東提供的資金,向本地組織捐贈資金,以滿足多元化社區的許多需求。






Edison Scholars Scholarships

Our Edison Scholars scholarship program has changed the lives of more than 150 students and their families since 2013 by providing $40,000 STEM scholarships to 30 students every year. Our challenge to the students: dare to be great, push the status quo aside, do the hard work, and have fun.

Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness

The next big earthquake could hit California at any minute, potentially causing major disruptions to the lives of millions. Being prepared could mean the difference between life or death, and we’re partnering with the American Red Cross to PrepareSoCal for the worst.

Civic Engagement

We recognize life isn’t always easy. Times get tough and we support programs offering ways to help pay electric bills, transition veterans into the workplace, and mentor underserved communities to help them thrive and make positive contributions to our communities.

Employee Giving

Our employees passionately believe in their communities. We have a culture of giving back, and employees donate millions of dollars and volunteer hours every year to local nonprofits, schools, and the Energy Assistance Fund to help make a lasting difference.

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