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Visit Camp Edison on Beautiful Shaver Lake

Shaver Lake began a limited reopening on Saturday, June 6.

With safety as our top priority, Shaver Lake has been approved for limited reopening by Fresno County. The following facilities are now open:

  • The lake, shoreline, boat slips, marinas, day-use areas and adjacent trails.
  • Shaver Lake parking lots. The main parking lot used for day parking will be limited to 50% capacity. Because the parking lot adjacent to the boat launch facility is used by individuals towing boats on-site, SCE will not restrict capacity for that parking lot.
  • Bathroom facilities. The bathrooms are single-occupancy and have been equipped with adjacent single-push button activated sinks and soap dispensers.
  • Hours of operation to 8 a.m.-8 p.m.

Signage is being installed reminding visitors that they are required to comply with CDC guidelines. Visitors are asked to observe appropriate physical distancing, wear face coverings when near others and limit the duration of visits.

Camp Edison will begin a limited reopening on Wednesday, July 1.

  • With safety as our top priority, Camp Edison has been approved for partial reopening by Fresno County. Overnight campsites will be available to visitors with recreational vehicles. Tent camping will not be allowed at this time.
  • The following measures will be in-place beginning July 1:
  • All campers must stay in a RV equipped with restroom facilities.
  • Tent camping will be prohibited until further notice.
  • Campsites will be adequately spaced apart to allow safe physical distancing
  • Campsites will be limited to eight people per site.
  • Large group campsites and picnic areas are closed.
  • Hours of operation: 24 hours a day, seven days a week

Welcome to Camp Edison

We built Camp Edison in 1963 in a pine forest on the western shores of Shaver Lake, California. It’s been a favorite vacation spot ever since. Our 252 campsites are available to the public and they include electricity. WiFi is also available at an additional cost. We’re open year-round.

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Camp Edison has been removing insect infested trees in order to maintain public safety & forest health. Some sites have more sun exposure than currently described in site details.

Reserve Your Campsite Online – or by Email, Fax, or U.S. Mail

Now you can make reservations online for almost all of our campsites.


What to See & Do

From hiking and horseback riding to fishing and watersports, there’s plenty to do in the Camp Edison area.


Protect Our Forests: Leave Your Firewood at Home

When you visit Camp Edison, be sure to leave your firewood at home, and either collect or buy firewood here in Shaver Lake. Tree-killing insects and diseases can lurk in firewood and cause new infestations that can have devastating effects to our forests, agriculture, and communities. Beginning January 1, 2015, only locally sourced wood will be allowed into Camp Edison.

Firewood at Camp Edison: Answers to Common Questions (PDF)

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