Am I eligible for the Critical Care Backup Battery Program?

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Keeping customers safe is our priority. We are committed to helping households that require the use of electrically powered medical devices be ready for unexpected power outages. Our Critical Care Backup Battery program offers free portable backup batteries that can power your medical devices during a power outage. In addition, because these batteries are portable, they can be used to support you during an evacuation from your home.

Who is eligible to participate in the Critical Care Backup Battery program?

Customers who reside in high fire risk areas, and are currently enrolled in our Medical Baseline Allowance program, and require the regular use of electrically powered medical equipment or another qualifying medical device, are eligible for the Critical Care Backup Battery program. If we have contacted you about this program, you may be prequalified to sign up. For more information, call the supplier listed in your notification.

How does the Critical Care Backup Battery program work?

Our contractor will speak with you over the telephone to verify your eligibility, determine the appropriate battery size for your current medical devices, and arrange an appointment for delivery. Temporary backup power can be provided to devices such as a nebulizer, motorized wheelchair charger, respirator, ventilator, or other medical devices. (See a list of qualified medical devices.) Battery delivery and setup, including training in the use of the battery, are provided at no cost. 

What is included?

  • Portable, rechargeable, clean-energy backup battery (backed by a three-year warranty) to provide temporary power to critical medical devices. The battery plugs into a regular electrical outlet to charge.
  • Solar panel kit for additional charging capability

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