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Tools & Resources

Now you know the EV program basics and it’s time to dive into the details. We offer our insightful tools and comprehensive educational resources to decision makers like you seeking to join the EV movement. Helping you become a part of a carbon neutral California is what we do best.

Charging Stations Resources

CR Approved

Charge Ready Approved Product List

Only SCE-approved charging station equipment will be covered by our programs. The Approved Product List (APL) provides a complete listing of charging equipment that’s eligible for installation.

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Charge Port Estimator

Our Charge Port Estimator tool aims to help users find a ballpark estimate of different charging port scenarios and costs. Exploring your options will help inform your budget.

Charge Ready Tools & Resources


We offer you concise fact sheets and in-depth guides for each of our Charge Ready program options. Knowledge is power, so learn more about what rebate is right for you.


Fact sheets

Charge Ready Fact Sheet

Get a quick overview of all three program options: Charging Infrastructure and Rebate, New Construction Rebate, and Turn-Key Installation.

New Construction Rebate Fact Sheet

The New Construction Rebate Fact Sheet outlines the basic program information for interested decision makers involved in new residential construction

EV Rates Fact Sheet

Businesses with EV charging stations should familiarize themselves with the three different Time-Of-Use (TOU) rate plan options available to those with EV charging equipment outlined in this fact sheet.



Quick Reference Guide

Our informative Quick Reference Guide outlines the process from application to implementation for both our Charging Infrastructure and Rebate and Turn-Key Installation options.

New Construction Rebate Program Guidelines

Our New Construction Rebate Program Guidelines lays out the rebate program for new commercial buildings under construction. Those breaking ground could qualify for savings.

Interactive Program Guidebook

A step-by-step visual guide for multi-family, commercial and public property owners to understand the basics of EVs and installing EV charging infrastructure through the Charge Ready Program.

Charge Ready Program Comparison Guide

A comparison guide that compares each unique program offering along
with potential rebates and key requirements.

Charge Ready Case Studies & Webinars

Panda Restaurant

The Panda Restaurant Group

The Panda Restaurant Group runs over 2,000 Panda Express restaurant locations around the world from their Rosemead headquarters. The company successfully teamed up with us to install 60 Level 2 EV charging station ports at their headquarters to benefit their employees.

CNT Properties

CNT Properties

A retail property owner partnered with us to install four EV DC Fast charging stations. According to Property Manager Charles Lee, the move increased his business’s competitive edge.

LA sanitation

LA County Sanitation Districts

Whittier-based LACSD serves the waste management needs of more than 5 million people with their vehicle fleet. By working with us, LACSD is installing 44 EV charging station ports to support their essential mission.


We provide the information you need to make your ideal EV solution a reality. Our webinar series is another layer of information about the three Charge Ready rebates to empower your decision making.

Charge Ready Customer Webinar

Charge Ready can help you confidently deploy the infrastructure & equipment needed to support EV charging stations at your multifamily property. Join us on August 18 for a webinar about the New Construction Rebate program cost in terms of money, time and effort.

Featured Webinar

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Application Resources


We are excited to work with you to get EV charging equipment up and running for your business or organization. The application process has many components, but we’re here to help. We break down the elements of a Charge Ready application to kickstart your EV evolution.

Post-Installation Tools


We’re here to help even after your Charge Ready EV charging equipment is installed. The following resources are meant to assist rebate recipients navigate life as a green energy leader: registration, monthly reports, safety checklists, and more.

charge ready transport

Looking for Charge Ready Transport tools & resources?

The Charge Ready Transport program is our way of helping managers of medium- and heavy-duty EV fleets power up. Explore our educational resources to find out if you can cut costs by electrifying your fleet with us.

Trade Pros and Vendors

We are eager to work with third-party companies and vendors to help SCE customers implement electric vehicle charging station projects. Our network of EV charging vendors, contractors, architects, engineers, design professionals, distributors, project managers, and consultants have the opportunity to help customer organizations through the Charge Ready program.

Qualify Your EV Charging Product – Approved Product List

All EV charging equipment used in our Charge Ready programs must meet certain technical, functional and safety requirements. Equipment that has been approved for use is listed on SCE’s Approved Product List (APL). OEMs who want to work with us should familiarize themselves with the APL and qualifying process.

Vendor Videos

We produced an informative video series to help EV charging vendors like you navigate the application process.

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Interested in applying?

If you think Charge Ready may benefit your business or organization, start your online application today.