Control-Silver Peak Project

The Control-Silver Peak Project will enhance the safety of Southern California Edison’s (SCE’s) sub-transmission system, controlled by the California Independent System Operator (CAISO). The project is in the planning phase. SCE filed a project application with the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) in 2021. If approved by the CPUC, the project is anticipated to begin construction by mid-2026.
The project would follow CPUC (GO 95) safety standards and include remediation activities such as replacing existing structures with taller structures, replacing conductor (wire), and increasing conductor ground clearances. Most of the construction would take place in existing rights-of-way to minimize environmental impacts. The estimated project completion date is mid-2029.

The proposed project is located in northern Inyo and southern Mono counties near the city of Bishop, and the Chalfant Valley, Fish Lake Valley, and Deep Springs areas. The project would start at SCE’s Control Substation approximately 5 miles southwest of Bishop, proceed north through the Chalfant Valley, and east over the White Mountains to Deep Springs and Fish Lake Valley (near the California-Nevada border).

Expose as Block

Prior to construction, crews will be in the area performing survey work and testing. Once construction begins, crews may be performing the following work in your area:

  • Replacing wood poles with steel or wood equivalent.
  • Replacing conductors (wires) and associated infrastructure
  • Establishing temporary construction staging areas for crews and construction equipment, including crane and helicopter pads
  • Trimming or removing vegetation, when necessary, in and around construction work areas
  • Maintaining or improving access roads in and around construction
  • Scheduling temporary street closures, as needed, for safety
Expose as Block