Update on TRTP Construction in Duarte

Update: 1/19/2015

Major construction activities for TRTP in the City of Duarte are complete. The next phase of work consists of restoration activities to attempt to return construction areas to a preconstruction condition. Restoration activities will be completed over the course of several years.

As part of the Tehachapi Renewable Transmission Project crews will be installing new wires (SCE telecommunication and upgraded 500 kilovolt transmission wires) on electric transmission structures in the utility right-of-way corridor in your area.

This work will include periodic helicopter operation in the immediate.

Helicopter operation: A small helicopter will be used to position equipment and personnel.
There will be periods when the helicopter will hover in the project area to perform these activities.
There will be periods of increased noise during this activity

Safety Marker Ball Installation: At the direction of the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) and in consultation with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), aviation safety marker balls will be installed on the top wire of certain SCE wire spans in the city of Duarte. The FAA recommended installing lights on certain transmission structures and placing marker balls on certain transmission line spans. Marking and lighting are standard aviation safety measures to alert aircrafts of electrical transmission structures and wires.

Note: this schedule may change depending on weather and other factors

Expose as Block

Traffic interruptions: There will be periods of brief traffic interruptions during this work to ensure the safety of the public and project personnel:

  • On Royal Oaks Dr, Hacienda Dr, Encanto Pkwy, and Huntington Dr.
  • On the 210 Fwy (Sunday, July 27 only)
  • Each periodic traffic interruption may be three (3) to five (5) minutes in duration, under approval and in coordination with local jurisdictions.
  • A combination of traffic control signs and crew members with flags will be used during the entire wire installation process

Hacienda Park: To ensure the safety of the public and project personnel, access to Hacienda Park will be restricted as follows:

  • July 25 - 26: Intermittent Park Closures
  • July 28 – 31: Full Park Closure
  • Aug 1 – 2: Intermittent Park Closures
  • Aug 3: Full Park Closures
  • Aug 4 - 9: Intermittent Park Closure