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Energy Efficient Express Solutions: Are You Eligible?

Good news: as an SCE customer, your commercial, industrial, agricultural, or nonprofit business is automatically eligible to participate in Express Solutions. Self-generation customers may also qualify. Get all the details by requesting our Solutions Directory.


Equipment Eligibility Checklist

Upgrading to energy-efficient equipment? To qualify for incentives, all equipment must:

  • Be new and meet all eligibility requirements
  • Be high efficiency equipment above mandated codes or industry standard practices
  • Use less wattage if part of a retrofitting
  • Be fully installed and operational
  • Remain at the site of your active SCE business account

Request a copy of our Solutions Directory for complete solutions descriptions, eligibility requirements, and terms and conditions.


The Fine Print

Customer Eligibility

  • Your business must have an active, valid SCE electric account
  • Residential customers are not eligible
  • Common areas of multi-family properties on a qualifying business rate schedule are eligible
  • Participation is not determined by business size, rate schedule, or monthly demand
  • Co-generation, wind, solar, and other self-generation customers who purchase electricity from SCE should contact their Account Representative or 1-800-736-4777 for assistance in determining eligibility
  • You may not receive multiple rebates or customer incentives for the same energy solution or energy efficiency upgrade

Product Eligibility

  • Energy-efficient products appear in our Solutions Directory
  • Detailed product location information must be provided on your application before we can process it


Post-installation inspections may be random or mandatory. Your application contains specifics.

  • Inspectors will make three attempts to contact you to make inspection arrangements
  • If you are unreachable, the application will be denied
  • For inspection purposes, access to equipment is required during normal business hours, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, excluding holidays
  • If your equipment is not installed or operational at the time of the inspection, your customer incentives application will be declined and a re-inspection fee assessed at a future inspection
  • If equipment is only partially installed, a partial customer incentive will be paid. Further energy efficiency upgrades—from making equipment operational or from additional installation—will require a new customer incentives application

Extent Of Eligibility

  • The maximum customer incentive per energy solution is 100% of the energy upgrade cost
  • Installed cost includes material cost only. Labor costs may be eligible when a vendor-installed project is involved
  • Sales tax and shipping should not be included in the equipment costs. They are not eligible for customer incentives



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