and Your Browsers Browser Requirements works best with the latest desktop versions of Google® Chrome™,Mozilla® Firefox®,  Microsoft Edge®, and Apple® Safari®

Here are a few advantages of using the newest version of your browser: 

  • Security: Updating your browser can better protect you and your information while you're online 
  • Speed: Every browser update also improves browsing speed 
  • Experience: Using the latest version of your browser ensures that you're experiencing our site’s functionality and features to the fullest 

Browser Requirements for Tablets and Smartphones

Our mobile-optimized experiences work best on devices with the latest versions of Apple iOS with the Mobile Safari browser and Android devices with the Google Chrome for Mobile browser. 

Our goal is to create an experience that works best on the most common devices used by our customers. In the event that your mobile device of choice is not compatible with our mobile-optimized services, we recommend that you access using a desktop or laptop computer. 

Other Supported Browsers

We may use other browsers such as Opera, COX, AOL, and older versions of Google Chrome and Firefox. However, we may experience performance issues with some parts of the site.