PCIA Short Term Market Offer

Regulatory Background

Pursuant to D. 22-11-021 issued on November 17, 2022, Southern California Edison Company (SCE) through this Short-Term Market Offer (MO) process is offering to all market participants the remaining Power Charge Indifference Amount (PCIA)-eligible RPS energy not accepted during its Voluntary Allocation (VA) process. In this Short-Term MO process, SCE will offer for sale a “slice” of its remaining PCIA-eligible RPS portfolio for the remainder of the current RPS compliance period, 2023-2024.

Buyers may submit Proposals to purchase from SCE up to 100% of its bundled and unbundled Short-Term RPS-eligible energy and associated RECs and up to 65% of its bundled and unbundled Long-Term RPS-eligible energy and associated RECs, as short-term contracts for terms between 2023 and 2024. The delivery term for such offers shall be: (a) from Commission approval of the Buyer’s contract (CPUC Approval Date) through the remainder of 2023, (b) from the CPUC Approval Date through 2024, or (c) for 2024 only. SCE is only selling a forward Product in the Market Offer.

Market Offer Timeline (Short Term)

Event Date
Market Offer Launch January 9, 2023
IOU-hosted Market Offer Bidder’s Conference January 12, 2023 at 10:30 am – noon PPT
Offer Submittal Deadline January 20, 2023 at 1:00 pm PPT
Notification of Award February 16, 2023
Contract execution March 2023
Tier 1 Advice Letter Filing March 2023


Market Offer Participation

SCE requires enablement under an EEI Master Agreement to transact in this MO.
SCE encourages interested market participants to register on the Power Advocate Market Offer website to gain access to solicitation materials:

Power Advocate event code 135801

Webinar Conference

SCE, PG&E, and SDG&E will jointly host a Bidder’s Conference Call on January 12, 2023 to discuss procurement in this Market Offer:

Joint IOU Bidder’s Conference for PCIA Short-Term Market Offer

Market Offer Materials

  • Market Offer solicitation Instructions 
  • Estimate of MWh volumes available for remaining 2023 and full year 2024
  • Non-Disclosure Agreement 
  • Offer Workbook 
  • REC Sales + Energy (Bundled) Agreement – Short Term
  • REC Sales (Unbundled) Agreement – Short Term

Regulatory References

  • D. 21-05-030
  • D. 22-11-021