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Charging Infrastructure and Rebate Program

We make EV charging equipment more affordable for decision makers owning or operating multi-family properties. Our Charging Infrastructure and Rebate Program offers program funded electric distribution system infrastructure upgrades and EV charging equipment rebates to those seeking to install EV charging equipment at their property site.

Program Overview 

Your multi-family housing properties require solutions to meet your needs and goals. Our Charging Infrastructure and Rebate Program provides step-by-step assistance for infrastructure upgrades and installation. Eligible multi-family housing properties will save money when participating in the program and installing four or more EV charging ports.

How It Works

Program Funded Design and Installation of Supporting Electrical Infrastructure

We are here to help by providing the infrastructure upgrades needed for EV charging equipment to those who qualify. Participating sites must be located within SCE’s service territory and be an SCE customer.

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Program Participation Requirements

If eligible, your business could benefit from participating in the Charging Infrastructure and Rebate Program. This program is available through 2025, or until available funding is fully subscribed. Participants are responsible for purchasing and installing all EV charging equipment and paying all EV charging station energy costs.

Select requirements include:

  1. Participant must operate and maintain the EV charging equipment for a 10-year duration.
  2. Installation of separate dedicated metering to measure EV charging station load and served by a Time-Of-Use (TOU) rate plan.
  3. Enrollment in a qualifying Demand Response program.
  4. The charging equipment must be equipped with a network service and the related usage and pricing information will be shared with SCE.
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If the Charging Infrastructure and Rebate program sounds right for you, take action and apply today.

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Tools & Resources

We are here to empower you with the information you need as a green energy leader. Explore our resources to familiarize yourself with other Charge Ready Program offerings.

Charge Ready Fact Sheet

Get a quick overview of all three new programs for businesses: Charging Infrastructure & Rebate, New Construction Rebate, and Turn-Key Installation.

Program Guideline

Property developers breaking ground should know about the New Construction Rebate Program. This guide is a go-to resource for the program that helps developers of new multi-family housing purchase and install EV charging equipment during construction.

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Want more information?

We’re excited to work with decision makers like you who are interested in the Charge Ready program offerings and supporting this landmark EV movement. Tell us about your property’s needs to learn more about SCE’s suite of EV charging station program offerings that may work for you.

Frequently Asked Questions: Charging Infrastructure and Rebate Program


Customer Case Studies

If the charging Infrastructure and Rebate sounds right for you, apply now to invest in your EV future.

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