Avian Protection

Many birds are attracted to power lines, and often perch and nest on utility poles and towers. This puts them at risk of electrocution if they make contact with certain electrical components. Since 1988, our utility has operated an avian-protection program to protect endangered, migratory, and other birds from electrocution, while also preventing power outages that can be caused by birds.

Avian protection also goes hand in hand with preventing wildfires. Check out this article SCE wrote for T&D World.
Learn more about our avian protection program here: 
Avian Protection Fact Sheet   
In this interactive training course, you play the role of a utility biologist. Your mission is to investigate the whereabouts of a golden eagle being tracked by the Bureau of Land Management. Along the way, you’ll see the many steps we take to protect birds. You’ll also learn about the native bird species, habitats and ecosystems of Southern California, and the laws that help protect them. 
Avian Protection Training

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