Riverside Transmission Reliability Project

Southern California Edison is building the grid of the future to support more clean energy, make way for more electric vehicles and to protect against the impacts of extreme weather.

As part of this effort, SCE is partnering with Riverside Public Utilities (RPU) to build a new transmission line project called the Riverside Transmission Reliability Project (RTRP), which will:

  1. Bring RPU and its customers adequate transmission capacity to serve existing and projected electrical demand.
  2. Offer for long-term system capacity for load growth.
  3. Provide needed system reliability.

SCE is partnering with RPU on this project, and RPU is generally responsible for the construction of project elements within the City of Riverside’s jurisdiction, including the proposed 220/66 kV Wilderness Substation, certain interconnection and telecommunication facilities, and 66 kV subtransmission lines.