El Porto Project


As part of our long-term plan to upgrade and modernize our grid, Southern California Edison (SCE) will be making electrical upgrades (as part of the El Porto Project) in the city of Manhattan Beach. You will see SCE or its contractors in your area making these upgrades.

At SCE, it is our job to make sure that our customers have the robust electrical infrastructure needed to continue to power their future energy needs. Upgrading to newer equipment will make the power grid up-to-date and keep it reliable for you.

During the project, some customers may experience maintenance outages. SCE will communicate with affected customers well in advance so they can make appropriate arrangements.

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Community meetings have taken place in the month of September, 2014. During the meetings, we presented information about construction activities for the El Porto Project, as well as information about our programs and services.

If you would like to view the power point that was presented at the meetings, please click here.

Expose as Block

This project is to eliminate El Porto substation and to provide safe and reliable service to customers in city of Manhattan Beach. The scope of work include overhead pole replacements, underground re-cabling, and installing new vaults.

Project is completed.

September 2014 to end of 2015


During construction of the project, you may encounter SCE crews or contractors performing work that impacts public streets, sidewalks, trails, or other public right of way areas. SCE implements a number of safety measures to ensure that members of the public as well as SCE crews remain safe during project activities.

Whenever SCE crews or contractors are performing work that temporarily impacts public traffic areas – either for pedestrians or vehicles – SCE implements various measures to alert the public of construction activities and provide directions they can follow to avoid potentially harmful work areas and remain safe. These activities include SCE and its contractors coordinating with the appropriate jurisdictions to ensure proper safety requirements are met. Whether along streets or near public walkways and trails, SCE implements measures such as the placement of temporary fences that restrict public access to potentially hazardous work areas, posting public warning signs along impacted areas, positioning crew safety members to help guide commuters and pedestrians, conducting daily construction crew safety meetings and more.

Here are some general tips you can follow to help you stay safe as either a pedestrian or driver while sharing the public right of way with construction crews.

Safety tips when you are the driver:

  • Pay attention to construction signs, hazard cones, and guidance from construction crew safety members.
  • Practice defensive driving habits by being on your guard and anticipating other drivers’ moves.
  • Learn to look left, right and left again before you turn.
  • Do not follow vehicles too closely near construction areas in case of sudden stops.
  • Check your mirror every few seconds.
  • Make sure you are seen by other drivers, pedestrians and project crew members in your area.
  • Reduce your driving speed near construction areas.

Safety tips when you are the pedestrian:

  • Pay attention to construction signs, hazard cones, and trail closure signs.
  • Observe fencing that restricts access to construction areas.
  • Keep your head up. Do not text or browse e-mail when approaching potentially hazardous areas.
  • Keep an ear open. Walking or running with headphones can isolate pedestrians from their surroundings. If you must walk or run with music, leave one ear open.
  • If sidewalks are not available, walk facing traffic and cross at corners or intersections, whenever possible. Also, it is extremely important to follow directional signs in construction areas.
  • Stand clear of parked vehicles or other obstacles before crossing walkways or streets near construction areas so others can see you.

Safety is a top priority for SCE – and you can help. For other general safety tips and information, visit www.sce.com/safety.

For general questions, please call our toll-free project hotline at 866-977-3487.