Hermosa Beach Addis Circuit Upgrade

Project Overview

SCE is removing and replacing an underground vault structure on 2nd Street between Beach Dr. and Hermosa Ave. in the city of Hermosa Beach. See above map.

10/11/21 Update: Restorations will be done on Tuesday 10/12 except for the final grind & cap. This restoration includes removing all fencing and K-rail. Second St. will continue to be closed per the approved Traffic Control Plan until the grind and cap is done – estimated 10/19. The striping is schedule for 10/26.

9/22/21 Update: Please be informed that the following are the construction activities for the upcoming weeks.

  • On September 24th the worksite area will extend slightly on 2nd Street to accommodate the crane to place the new vault in place.
  • A lane closure will be in effect on Hermosa Avenue on Friday September 24th to allow for delivery and crane work to install the new vault.
  • A street closure will be in effect on Friday September 24th for Beach Drive from 8 AM to 12 PM to allow for the crane work on placement of the new SCE vault.
  • Possible extended work hours until 7:30PM will take place on Monday, September 27th to complete the vault work prior to SCE electrical work.
  • SCE planned outage will take place on Tuesday September 28th from 10 PM to 5AM. Notification of the outage will be delivered by SCE to the affected residents.
  • Dewatering will continue until Wednesday September 29th, with a lane closure taking place on Hermosa Ave on September 29th and 30th for the removal of the dewatering filtration equipment.
  • Paving operations on 2nd street will take place on October 20th.
  • Pavement striping will take place on October 27th.

Working hours will be from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday with October 30th estimated project completion.

9/15/21 Update: The work will include a generator and pump removing water from the excavation for approximately 1 week.  The generator and pumps will run 24 hours a day to get the project done as quickly as possible starting on Monday 9/20 at 8:00 a.m. The generator and pumps will be protected with sound blankets to reduce noise. 

9/8/21 Update: On September 13, 2021, W. A. Rasic Construction Co., Inc. will be continuing the project.

  • This work will include a generator and pump removing water from the excavation for approximately 1 week. The pump and generator will produce some noise but it will be contained with blankets and fence to minimize the noise.
  • The crosswalk on the South side of 2nd and Hermosa will be closed for approximately 2 weeks during this construction.
  • There will be a Southern California Edison Security Guard onsite 24/7 during the construction to insure the safety of residents and the Electrical lines.

Working hours will be from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday with October 30th estimated project completion.

8/17/21 Update: Prior to conducting repair work, SCE performs routine and discreet excavations, called potholing, to ensure the location of our underground facilities. During the potholing, SCE did not run into the water table. Unfortunately, upon excavation of the vault, SCE ran into a water table issue. After reviewing the amount of water and where it is to be discharged, a permit was required from the LA Regional Water Quality Control Board, which was received on Aug. 2, 2021.

A Flood Access Permit from LA County will also be needed, which can take up to 4 to 6 weeks (SCE expects to receive the permit at the end of August). Once the permit is received, SCE and its contractor W.A. Rasic anticipates making repairs shortly thereafter. SCE is working to expedite project completion and estimates approximately 40 to 45 days to finish the project after the County permit is received.

SCE staff plans to attend the Hermosa Beach City Council meeting on Sept. 14, 2021 to provide an update on the project status and to answer questions.

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  • To ensure your safety during construction, there will be road closures, traffic lane, crosswalk and sidewalk closures. Crew members will use appropriate traffic control signs and flags.
  • Look out for additional communications from SCE and our contractors providing notification of specific construction activities.  These could be additional letters, door hangers, traffic signs, and/or parking signs.
  • Limited jack hammering, and in some cases, large equipment such as cranes may be used. Please remain at a safe distance.
  • There may be noise associated with construction activities. 
  • Crews may need to access the electrical poles and equipment on your property. We will attempt to notify you prior to entering. 
  • For crews to work safely, SCE will schedule a maintenance power outage during construction. If you are going to be impacted, we will notify you by phone, text, email, and mail at least 72 hours prior to the outages. You can sign up to receive outage alerts using your preferred method of communication via sce.com/outage.
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If you have any questions or concerns regarding this project, please feel free to contact either Chris Galvin(RASIC superintendent) at 310-864-0210 or Efren Martinez (jobsite foreman) at 310-429-3644.

For Customer Service, call 1-800-655-4555. For emergencies or downed power lines, please call 911

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