Public Safety Power Shutoff Alerts

Get PSPS Alerts

There are a number of ways you can receive PSPS outage alerts. Below are some options to sign up for PSPS alerts, including using your address.

SCE Customer Alerts (Recommended for SCE Account Holders)

Do you have an SCE account? You can sign up for outage and PSPS alerts for your specific address by updating your contact information and alert preferences in My Account. Choose to receive your alerts via email, text, or voice call. You can add additional family members or friends to receive account notifications, including outage alerts, for your specific address.


PSPS Address Alerts (Recommended for Non-SCE Account Holders)

These alerts are helpful for residential and commercial tenants who do not maintain their own SCE service accounts, for caregivers, for frequent travelers and for service providers. To sign up to receive PSPS Address Alerts via voice call and/or text message click here. Please note that standard message and data rates apply.

Help to Stay Safe During Power Shutoffs

If you or someone in your household uses life-sustaining medical equipment or relies on electricity to manage a medical condition and are not currently enrolled in our Medical Baseline program, it is important that you let us know. That way, we’ll know to take extra steps to notify you about PSPS outages in your area that could result in your home losing power.

Complete the self-certification form below so we can place a note on your account. If a PSPS outage
occurs, we’ll know to send a representative to your home to make contact if we are unable to reach you 
by email, voice call or text.

Your completed self-certification form is only good for 90 days. It does not automatically renew but you 
can re-submit the form to renew it. 

If someone in your household has a chronic or permanent condition that requires long-term use of 
electrically powered equipment, please visit to find out if you qualify for our Medical 
Baseline program.