Meter Data Management

Simply put, Meter Data Management consists of processing the data on a customer’s meter. This is done by a qualified Meter Data Management Agent (MDMA) who reads meters, validates meter data, and estimates missing data to be used in various applications as defined by the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC).


MDMAs are responsible for collecting customer usage data, and ensuring the data is correct. Once the data has been validated, the MDMA passes the data through Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) to post to the MDMA server. This data is presented to the customer as a bill by the contracted Electric Service Provider (ESP).  

If the MDMA is unable to collect data, or if the data proves faulty, the MDMA will estimate customer usage based on usage history.

Types Of Technologies

A qualified MDMA may collect raw meter data using any of the following meter reading technologies:

  • Physical on-site meter probing process
  • Modem technology, a dedicated telephone line-connected remote interface
  • Radio technology
  • Pager technology
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UDC/MDMA Issue Procedures

Additional Resources

MDMA & MSP Information

Annual Meter Reading Schedule

For information regarding Meter Data Management Agents and Meter Service Providers with SCE, please use the following contact information:

Phone: 1-800-203-4634
Fax: 1-626-633-8318

Mailing Address:
Metering Operations Administration SCE
P.O. Box 6109
Covina, CA 91722

California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC)