Climate Adaptation


Climate Adaptation

Changing climate conditions have increased the threat of wildfires, heatwaves, drought and sea level rise to our communities. SCE is committed to safely providing affordable, reliable and clean energy to our customers. We continue to invest in solutions, and are prepared to adjust our programs and services, to support the resilience and adaptability of our communities most affected by climate change.

We’re conducting an assessment to identify infrastructure, operations, and services that could potentially be affected by the impacts of climate change. With SCE customers living in communities vulnerable to climate conditions, we’re focused on partnering with environmental, community and faith-based groups to meet their needs.


Vulnerable Communities

The Disadvantaged Vulnerable Communities* map identifies the communities and areas most vulnerable to changing climate conditions. The map uses different colors to show the most vulnerable communities, due to economic burdens and adverse climate impacts.

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*The California Public Utilities Commission designated disadvantaged vulnerable communities are those communities most vulnerable to climate change.

Data sources for the Disadvantaged Vulnerable Communities map include: U.S. Census Bureau 2018 demographic and median household income data maps, California’s CalEnviroScreen data maps, U.S. Department of Interior Indian Affairs  data maps and Bureau of Indian Affairs regional data.

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