Net Energy Metering: Permission to Operate (PTO)


When to Expect Your Permission to Operate (PTO)

Once we’ve received and reviewed your completed Interconnection Request (IR), we’ll email you a Permission to Operate (PTO) notification. Most standard residential requests are reviewed and are issued PTO within 10 business days provided all of your documentation is complete and correct. Non-standard IR may take longer to complete due to additional technical reviews and/or interconnection studies. You can always check your status on PowerClerk, or send an email to

For general program questions, send an email to

Welcome Guide

Thank you for supporting clean power and California’s transition to a sustainable future. As a Net Energy Metering Aggregation program participant, we have developed this welcome guide to provide key information about the program basics, how it works as well as billing examples to aid you along the way. Download your Welcome Guide here.

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